Life Lesson: Tough Love

 Life isn’t easy and sometimes it can down right suck. Here are 3 Tough Love moments brought you by yours truly the Gay Gasp:

1. I have little tolerance for people who complain too much that they are not hot enough or not someone’s type. Guess what, there is always someone hot who’s not going to be attracted to you. “But its hard to be a chaser when everyone likes bears.” That’s true, but here’s another hard fact. It’s not easy being a bear amongst bears either. There are a lot of people who aren’t attracted to me. Yes, I fit into the standard bear mold physically but when I open my mouth silk chiffon flows out. My flamboyant tendencies can be a real boner killer for the ruff and tuff ‘masc’ gays. I’m a fashion loving bear with flamboyant tendencies and that’s not going to change and I’m ok with it. If a guy isn’t interested, just move on to the next. Don’t think your life is any harder then someone else’s.You never know what shit they have to deal with. Stop wining and have fun.

2. No one can ruin your life unless you let them. We all go through very difficult times especially when dealing with love and emotions. When your heart is broken, it can be devastating and takes time to heal. With that being said, he can only ruin your life if you let him. I went through a bad couple years while dealing with some friend messiness. It was the most depressed I had ever been in my life. However my life wasn’t ruined. It took time but I got over it. (and I’m proud to say we’re still friends) My situation was unique because no one involved did anything wrong. It was simply a matter of miss matched expectations and feelings. Even if he did ‘do you wrong’ there is a point where you need to either move on from the pain or go get professional help. You look just as bad when you’re still visibly angry and trashing him 5 years later.

3.You know that friend who is always outrageous and fun when you’re out partying? Have you ever noticed that he can’t keep a job or a boyfriend and is a general fuck up in his real life? A guy with a stable career and well adjusted life usually is not the one dancing on the bar in his underwear every night. Yes we all have our trashy moments but when you’re 45 and getting cut off every night by the bartenders at 11pm… I doubt you’re going to work on Monday as a CEO. Don’t misunderstand,  I’m not knocking these guys. They’re a a ball to hang out with and provide endless Instagram inspiration. Just realize that when they ask you if your company is hiring, lie and tell them no. (20 something guys get a hall pass on this one because that’s what you’re supposed to do when you’re 20)

P.S. The Growlr conversation pictured is real and posted with permission by my BFFs.


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