If You Think I’m Sexy

Sex appeal is tricky business. There are many different factors that can effect a man’s hottness. Obviously most guys you find attractive are cute and fun to talk to. But then there are guys who are only sexy due to specific circumstances or situations. This post is for that latter category of men. Here are the many different types of sexy.

A Fetish Fuck- A lot of people have one or more fetishes. It can be as simple as a beard or as complex as balloon animals. I’ll use the example of big biceps. Lets say you get insanely turned on by guys who have huge arms. Its not a requirement for everyone you sleep with but a guy with bulging biceps instantly goes to the top of the list. Fetish sex can be incredibly hot. However tunnel vision becomes a big problem as well. As you lust over his arms, you’re ignoring his rotten teeth and nasal spray addiction. I was hanging out with a bunch of friends a while back got in a ridiculous conversation with a guy. It took every ounce of strength I had not to role my eyes in bitchy condescension. How did I get through it? In my head I kept reminding myself, “His dick is real big. His dick is real big. His dick is real big.”

BDB Sexy- As you know, BDB stand for Bad Decision Bear. There’s a point when you’re so horny and desperate that your standards start to drop. Everyone has at one point or another sucked a dick they were not proud of.

Steam Room Sexy- This can also be known as Bath House Sexy or Sauna Sexy. SRS is the lowest level of sexy. The only reason you’re giving him a second look is because he’s naked and within arms length. Have your ever heard the phrase, “Well I wouldn’t kick him out of bed…” This is the ultimate version of that. Someone once told me “There are guys I’ve hooked up with in the steam room that I would never admit to in real life.”

BWA- Best of What’s Available- There isn’t always top shelf ass available. Sometimes you have to visit the B, C, or even D leagues. These are guys who you have a genuine attraction to but who’d you’d also drop at any hint of something better. He may be boring or have a slight limp but compared to the everyone else in a room he’s a 10. This happens a lot when you are traveling to rural areas. When you’re visiting your parents in Wyoming for a week there may only be 2 guys within 100 miles. They get a consideration because they have no other competition.

Spit Roast Sexy- You find a guy, a really hot guy. You’ve got a wet spot on your leg from the precum.  A night of non stop sex is almost a lock until he mentions that he has a partner and they only play together. Son of a bitch! The partner comes over and at best he’s a 5 on a generous day. However you know you have to go through the ugly one to get to the super hottie. With only a few exceptions, sex with a couple almost always involves one guy that’s a lot hotter then the other guy. Tip: get on the bed doggy style and make the ugly guy eat your ass as you suck off the hottie. You’ll get all the good and none of the bad.  Win win.

Mr. Congeniality – Sex appeal is just about looks. One of the biggest make it or break it points is someone ‘s personality. I’ve always been turned on by confident men, whether its the out going extrovert and the cocky jerk. Humor and intelligence might be the keys to your chastity belt. It sounds cliche, but most of the people I find the sexiest have both looks and charms. Boring and beige is my biggest boner killer. I’ve even known several people who I had no attraction to at first sight but over time, as I got to know them, my attraction grew because they were a great person.

A special note:  The men pictured are hot, no circumstance or explanation needed. They are from my personal collection of sneak attack pictures and have nothing to do with the categories they are places next to.


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