Dallas is for Daddies

Every region has it’s own unique quirks even amongst the bear community. For example Connecticut’s bear community tends to be more chub centric where as New York and the big cities bring out the muscle men. Dallas is for daddies. If you’re a hot older bear (45+) who’s looking for ‘love’ then pack up your shit and move to Dallas. I’d say at least half the guys my age (25-35) in Dallas are into older bears as their primary type and some are totally daddy exclusive. FYI it would also benefit you if you were a top. I even know a couple no so young guys who share the daddy attraction even though they themselves have reached daddy status.

I’m surprised by the high concentration of daddy lovers not the actual love itself. I totally get the attraction to older guys and I’ve always been attracted to people older them myself. Even my friends tend to be about 10 years older then I am on average. I remember when I was little and my class would go on the end of the year field trip, I would always want to hang out with the parents instead of the kids my age. I’m just naturally attracted toward a more mature sensibility. Luckily now that I’m in my 30’s I feel like my mental and physical age have finally caught up with one another.

Friendship is great but older guys are also built for sex. There is something so incredibly sexy about a mature bear with experience who knows what he wants and how to get it. Even better when he knows how to take it. Daddy bears have that perfect stocky build and their belly rests on your forehead while fucking your mouth. Ok… I might be getting off track here but you get the idea. Daddy bears are very sexy.

If you’re a hot older bear or one your way to becoming one here are some tips to up your stud status. My first and most important recommendation is be proud of your age. Stay up to date with current trends but don’t try and look younger then you really. There’s a difference between feeling youthful and dressing young. In fact dressing too young with always make you look older then you really are.  Frosted blond hair and a sleeveless Abercrombie shirt are not cute on anyone over the age of 29. Wear clothes that show off your best assets. Masculine classics like polos, t-shirts, and jeans are going to add to your sex appeal rather then detract from it. Shorts are a great summer option but stay away from jeans shorts. While we’re on the subject, avoid wearing jean shorts, black leather books, and white tube socks bunched over the top. That look is not cute.

If you’re younger like me it’s something to look forward to. The next 20 years will be filled with fun and laughter and thank god bears only get better with age. Seriously, is there anything sadder then an over the hill twink? Poor twinks.

One thought on “Dallas is for Daddies

  1. I noticed this at my previous 2 TBRU's. the guys I'm attracted to (my age group – 20s) are all exclusively into daddies. Meh.


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