Why is it almost impossible to find solid white suspenders? White, not tan or beige. White. Stores don’t carry them so I might have to buy them from Amazon despite my hatred for that site.

I’ve come to the realization that Bravo president and host Andy Cohen is the real life incarnation of Jack McFarland from Will and Grace. Think about it… an over the top gay man somehow becomes a network executive and is then given his own ridiculous talk show.

While we’re on the subject, Fashion Queen’s (also on Bravo) is the real life incarnation of Men on Film skit from In Living Color.

Angelina Jolie announced she had a double mastectomy because she had a 85% genetic likelihood of getting breast cancer.

Happy Ending and Smash got cancelled. My boyfriend is devastated over the later.

Maxim came out with it’s Hot 100 List and surprisingly Miley Cyrus topped the list. Really? Seriously?

Remember, when you like an old picture of someone on Facebook, said picture is then posted in the news feed of all your friends. Want to play a fun game? When a couple is newly broken up, go through and like a bunch of pics of them together. It’ll be a news feed on awkward broken hearts.

I’m addicted to string cheese.


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