Pretend Home Buying

I had an idea for a post about what I would do if I won the lotto. For example, I was going to show you the car I would purchase, the vacation I would take, and the home I would buy. The first thing I investigated was home for sales. I love the neighborhood I live in and this is where I would stay if I could have my choice of homes. So I got on and started searching. Then a funny thing happened… I couldn’t find one that I fell in love with. I thought pretend buying a home would be much easier, especially with an unlimited budget. 

The two front runners, if I had to pick something, have a difference in price of over a million dollars. First I should explain that I want a condo or townhouse with at least two bedrooms. I should also remind you again that this is fantasy land. (If I ever bought a condo for real it would have to be a small one bedroom) The biggest requirement I have is probably location. Like I said, I want to stay in my current neighborhood. Otherwise I categorize many of my tastes as preferences over necessities. Things I pay attention to are, curb appeal, kitchen, bathrooms, location, and size.

Home A

Price $2.49 Million
Size: 5255 Square feet
Floor plan: 3 Beds 6 Baths
Address: 3520 Blackburn St, Dallas TX

Pro’s- The main reason this is on the list is because I LOVE the ceiling detail. It has amazing curb appeal too.

Con’s- It’s too big. I do not need, nor do I want a home that’s 5000 square feet. It’s just too much house. Also the kitchen is very unimpressive and I don’t like the location. It’s more toward the older snooty Turtle Creek section and farther from the Cedar Springs fun gayborhood section of town.

Home B

Price $689,000
Size: 3425 square feet
Floor Plan: 3 Beds 5 Baths
Address: 4219 Throckmorton St, Dallas TX

Pro’s- Location, location, location. This townhouse is in the heart of the gayborhood and only about a block from the bars and restaurants. A wonderful white kitchen also helps… a lot.

Con’s- Still a little large, but more manageable. There aren’t many bad things to say about this one other then it seems to lack uniqueness. Both the outside and inside look bland and generic. If this home had the outside and ceilings of Home A, it would be a slam dunk.

The more I look at them I’d probably go with Home B if I had to choose. It’s location and size are great and the kitchen is the closest to what I would want. (Remember the kitchen is the most expensive room to remodel) For my Connecticut readers, I already know where I would live in if I were back home. I’ve dreamed of living in one of the condos at Blue Back Square since they were built in West Hartford.

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