The Best Forgotten Movies

Movies like the Wizard of Oz are classics that last a lifetime. Other movies are cult classics, like Mommie Dearest, which inspires drag queen around the world. Then there are those random few movies that get forgotten about despite being a quality film. Here are the top 5 movies you should check out in case you missed them in theaters, or video, or TBS. The list includes a Anne Heche flick, cross dressing scientists, and a cunty Bette Midler. Enjoy!

5. Drowning Mona- 2000

4. The Game- 1997

3. The Road to Wellville- 1994
2. Wag the Dog- 1997
1. Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy- 1996


Movie Reviews

Olympus Has Fallen– When we went to see this movie my choices were between it and GI Joe. I kind of wanted to see Olympus Has Fallen but I really didn’t want to see GI Joe. The plot was a bit predictable but it had enough action and drama to keep you engaged. At one point Morgan Freeman takes over as acting president. I honestly thought to myself, “Well of course, Morgan Freeman is always the president.” Over all I liked OHF, it was everything you expect it to be and Gerard Butler is well cast as the hero. I’d recommend seeing in the theater only because action movies are always better in the theater. Its enjoyable and entertaining but it won’t be winning any awards.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone– My sister and I had a free night when we were in Florida visiting our parents. We decided to see a movie but our choices were limited. I suggested Burt Wonderstone because it was the best of the bunch and I thought it might turn out to be an unexpected funny movie. Jim Carrey saves the movie by outshining Steve Carell. All of Carell’s funniest moments are shown in the preview. The movie is heart warming and sweet but is (very) light on laugh out loud moments. Save it for Netflix or a free HBO weekend.

Game Change– I know I’m extremely late on this one but I didn’t see the Sarah Palin story until this past weekend. The movie was well done and Julianne Moore was great but the story was painful to watch. Palin was so unprepared and unqualified that I felt sorry for her. I don’t know enough about politics to know how accurate the facts were. If it was true… YIKES.

Girls– I’ve heard nothing but praise for Lena Dunham’s show about 20 something girls living in New York. I started at the beginning and watched the very first episode. It was awful. The entire episode was about Hannah (played by Dunham) complaining that her parents won’t pay her bills anymore. Really? Seriously? Facebook friends told me to give it another chance so I watched the second episode. This story line featured Hannah getting tested for HIV while making AIDS jokes and a friend getting an abortion. The entire episode was abortion abortion abortion, AIDS AIDS AIDS, abortion abortion abortion. It felt like the writers were trying too hard to be controversial and it ended up feeling forced and cliche. You’re not cutting edge just because you set an episode in an abortion clinic. Overall Girls is the epitome of hipster nonsense and the main character Hannah is depressing and unlikable. Thumbs down.

P.S. Forget Girls, give me the ‘boys’ on Gigolos any day.

P.P.S. Is Gigolos still on?


Tough Love: Everyone Won’t Always Like You.

Every so often an article pops up listing everything that is wrong with the bear community. The tone is always the same. The author moans and groans because he doesn’t feel welcome in the bear community. “Why do bears have to be so cliquey. I go to bear events and no one talks to me. When I go to bars it’s hard to meet people.” Blah Blah Blah. Here’s an idea, maybe you’re ugly and boring? (just kidding… kind of) Is it wrong that I don’t feel sympathy for these people? So you don’t feel welcome or comfortable amongst bears… so what?! Find people you do feel comfortable with. There are many groups who I don’t fit in with and that’s why I don’t hang out with them. For example, I don’t have a lot in common with leather guys and therefore I don’t hang out with them much. Does that mean the leather community is awful and unfriendly? No. It just means that we like different things. Yes, bears can be cliquey and yes its difficult to meet people at a bar. Here’s a news flash for you, it’s like that everywhere. Its called life. You know who else is cliquey? Muscle guys, leather guys, twinks, chubs, sports guys, drag queens, and straight people.  often bring up a point that Bear culture developed because a segment of the gay populations felt different and unwelcome in the larger mainstream community. Therefore the bear community is sometimes touted as one that welcomes everyone. Bring us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses… Not quit. That sounds perfect if we were living in an after school special or a Harvey Milk documentary. In reality bears are just a group of guys who gravitate toward one another because they have similar interests and usually that interest is having sex with bears.

There’s one other point I need to address. Often the author says something like “That’s why I hang out with my straight friends.” I reject the notion that straight people are the social equivalent of a welcome wagon. You like your straight friends because they are the straight version of you. They’re probably blogging at this very moment about how arrogant the guys at the gym are. Straight people are just as cliquey and judgmental as any gay group. Think about it, straight nightclubs use a velvet rope to keep out ‘undesirables’ and ask any chubby girl how comfortable she is hanging around models. As much as we are different we are also very similar. Gay or straight there’s a little Regina George and Mother Teresa in all of us.

For the record, I’m a bear and I love the bear community. Bears are my second family. Going to bear runs is a blast because I get to party with old friend and see new one who live far away. I love my little bear world. It should also be mentioned that there was a specific article that prompted this post but I chose not to call out the author because he has a right to his opinion and I support fellow bloggers. Plus, I didn’t want to give him any more attention.