There are endless possibilities in the world of sexual desire. With the invention of the internet and social media, rare and unique fetishes are being brought to light. Although I’m not really turned on by the fetish lifestyle, I find many aspect of it completely fascinating. (A note of clarification, I use the term ‘fetish’ and ‘fetish lifestyle’ as an umbrella term for the leather, S&M, and the Dom/Sub communities. Fetishes can come in many different varieties but in this instance I lack a more appropriate word.)

Even if I’m not turned on by something, I can usually understand the reasoning behind it. For example, I’ve never been whipped and I have no desire to ever try it. However, I can understand why someone would like it. Although as you delve deeper into the fetish community there are strong foundations in domination and submission. Again, I can see why someone would like to take on a certain role during sex. What I don’t understand is when that role bleeds into everyday life. Its one thing to call a guy daddy as he’s fucking your face, its an entirely different thing to call him daddy in public while asking permission to sit down. And lets not get started on the whole puppy thing. (eye roll) But if that’s what you’re into, carry on and let your freak flag fly.

My questions about the daddy/boy relationship is nothing compared to my total bewilderment regarding the master/slave dynamic. Specifically, live in slaves.  I found the following profile that paints the perfect picture of what I’m talking about. This is text from a real profile of a real couple and was only edited for length:

We are sexually/mentally/physically aggressive and are looking for submissive guys who want to be dominated. We want to have a live in slave long term preferably. Totally “TPE”. We believe a dom / sub role is all about control of the mind and body. Chemistry is very important as is attraction.

We are looking for a total slave to submit to us. Serve us fully from domestic chores to sexual things 100% SERVITUDE. Our slave will work a job and submit all money to us for a while to show your submission and dedication to us. After that our slave will be dedicated to our needs 24/7.

When our slave is not in use, it could be gagged, tied up and put in a closet/holding cell until it is needed. Or rewarded for amazing service if we feel that the slave deserves it. We can be very sadistic, and like to punish our slave to remind him who is in control.

Our slave must be in decent shape and be willing to make that 100% commitment to us. We are looking to totally 100% own someone.

ONLY respond if your serious to be the complete piece of crap slave that you really are and want to dig as deep into the dark recesses of your Masters warped mind to experience what its like to be 100% DOMINATED! 

Take a moment to let that all sink in. This profile was the best example but it was not the only example. I saw other profiles refer to ‘total removal from society.’ Really? When I go over to a friends house, do they have a secret slaves locked in the closet that I don’t know about? 

To break this down, let’s start with the slave ‘owners.’ Though it might be nice to have someone who does all your housework and chores, the dehumanizing element is very jarring. Plus, how do you bring that up to your boyfriend? “I love you and I think its time we passed a major milestone in our relationship. I think its time we owned a human.” What if the slave changes his mind? Is there a life safe word? If that slave has a mood swing and changes his mind, he can run to the police and have you charged with unlawful imprisonment. Remember what happened to Boy George? It may be a good idea to have a signed liability contract or something.

Now to the people who want to be kept as slaves. (My mental image is of The Gimp from Pulp Fiction) Are there any sane well adjusted men who apply for these positions? I can’t help but assume that you’re getting a big ball of crazy when you welcome a slave into your home. Being gagged and kept in a closet by someone who is sadistic by their own admission has never made it onto my bucket list. This topic would be perfect for a True Life episode on MTV or Logo documentary.

Like I said, I am not an expert on the fetish lifestyle but rather an on looker who has strong opinions. Just because I don’t understand something doesn’t mean its wrong. If all parties are consenting adults then I won’t stop you. Go forward with your bat shit crazy plans. If you’re a live in slave to a sadistic master and I’ve offended you, I apologize. However truth be told, I doubt I care. Plus you’re probably not supposed to be using a computer anyway so get back in your cage.

One thought on “Slaves

  1. Lots of people submit themselves willingly to situations that can be destructive or deadly. Soldiers, police officers, fire fighters, advertising executives (haha). BDSM and fetish is termed PLAY for a reason. Of course a slave has the legal right to end his relationship, we’re still in America.

    Aren’t we all slaves to our employers? Do you feel you truly have the “freedom” to quit your job? It’s probably a similar feeling for a sub to process when they stop getting what they need/want from the relationship. They might want out but unless they’ve negotiated well for themselves with their owner, they will have made a bed that precludes them feeling like they can. I don’t see the appeal of a live in slave either, but I’m betting 99% of the posts you read are either straight up fantasy or for a play “scene”. Most people don’t make that commitment, and the few that do do so because they want to. The rest have a lovely play session, maybe even spending a great deal of time in service, but might still keep a regular life.

    There are abusive and miserable people in the BDSM community, just as there are in any community. The key is HAVING a community, where you’re known and you can have friends who keep you safe from the bad apples.


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