I Got Kicked Off Streamzoo

I finally got kicked off Streamzoo. If you are not familiar with it, Streamzoo is/was a photo sharing app much like Instagram. The key difference was that most of the pictures were of horny naked bears. Sucking, fucking, hard cocks, plump asses… it was all in Streamzoo pictures and videos. That all changed when, in the last month, Streamzoo decided to start enforcing the No Nudity section of their user agreement. Their user agreement had always included a no nudity and clause but it seemed like the creators knowingly turned a blind eye. To clean up their app, SZ started to kick hundred’s of it’s users including me. I’m disapointed but not surprised. It was only a matter of time before they shut me down. The main reason I used SZ was to see and share super hot naked pictures and videos. With all that gone I really don’t have use for it anymore. Now it’s just a boring shitty knock off of Instagram. (Instagram has a much better interface and superior filters anyway) Sharing PG rated videos is not enough to make me go back.

One of the other things people liked about Streamzoo was that you could control who saw your account. There was an element of privacy built in because it was not open to the whole public like Tumblr and Xtube. This helped a lot more people feel comfortable about showing ass and cock because they knew who was going to see it. That’s feature is unique and missing from most other porn sites. That made me think. This is a perfect opportunity for someone to develop a killer app/website. Techies listen up. You needs to create a mobile website with the privacy features of Streamzoo and the porn of Xtube. If you create it, I’ll use it. I figure it needs to be a mobile website to avoid Apple’s strict no porn policy on apps. On a side note: I’m still not sure how Tumblr gets away with it? Twitter also has a shocking amount of hardcore porn if you follow the right people.

So goodbye Streamzoo. It was fun while it lasted.

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