In the News: Cubscout Madonna, Solange’s spending, and more

Greetings from Naples Florida. I apologize for posting so little for that last two week but back to back vacations have sucked up all my time. To catch you up to speed, this is what’s been on my mind:

How does Solange Knowles pay her rent? I know she claims to be a ‘singer’ but that’s laughable at best. With no legitimate career she has plenty of time to shows up at every event and grace the pages of every magazine. Obviously big sis Beyonce pays the bills but I just wonder what the arrangements are? Does she give her baby sister an allowance or does Solange have to hit her up every time she’s low on cash. “Hey B, can you spot me some Benjamins?” The same applies for Tito Jackson and his brothers. How is the Jackson fortune divided? And I won’t even get started on Lindsay Lohan’s bank account.

The current most expensive home for sale in the United States is in Dallas Texas.

My current song obsession is Macklemore’s ‘Can’t Hold Us’ which pushes Calvin Harris’ ‘Sweet Nothing’ to number two.

Madonna wore a cubscout uniform to the GLAAD Awards to protest the Boyscouts of America’s policy toward gay and lesbian members. You rock Madonna!

When I talk to a lot of people from Connecticut (including my parents) they all tell me that moving to Texas was the best thing I ever did. I don’t disagree but I’m surprised it’s so obvious to everyone else.

90% of the population in Naples is above the age of 70. Rich old people who drive their Mercedes badly. Also in case you were wondering, said old people are not hot sexy daddy bears. These are the elderly white people who can’t hear and get annoyed easily. I wonder where are all daddy bears? They probably retire to Palm Springs or Fort Lauderdale.

Yesterday at the beach I got a really bad sunburn. Ouch!

I adore Wendy Williams and love her talk show!

Janet Jackson has been secretly married to a her Qatari Billionaire boyfriend for a year. She’s a sneaky snake.

In random news:

Tilda Swinton is currently sleeping in a glass box at the MoMa in New York.

LaToya Jackson is deathly afraid of cats.

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