TBRU Survival Guide

1. Hone your sneak attack skills. Remember turn off your flash and your sound.

2. Go to Bear Dance at S4. It’s so much fun! Don’t let the line discourage you, it moves very quickly.

3. With close to 1500 bears in town for the weekend, Growlr will be over loaded with men. Make the most of your ‘Nearby’ screen by blocking everyone you don’t want to meet or have sex with. It may be your hotel roommate or the creepy guy who won’t leave you alone. Block them to frees up more space for other hotties.

4. Don’t try an make sex plans ahead of time. It won’t happen. There is sex to be had everywhere but it’ll be  spontaneous and organic.

5. DON’T GO IN THE CROWN PLAZA POOL ON SUNDAY. Trust me, you’ll get sick. I call it ‘kennel cough’ others call it the TBRU flu.

6. On a similar note: make use of over the counter illness prevention aids such as Airborne, Emergen C, and Vitamin C. (Especially if you are flying) You’re going to get very little sleep and be very drunk… it’s the perfect storm for illness. Give your immune system a pre-party boost.

7. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people outside your normal social circle.

8. The underwear auction if fun but it used to be better. Just a warning it’s way to long and way to many people. There might be a specific person you’re waiting for but he’s probably #30. By the time they get to him you’re already in bed face deep in some pillow.

9. The buses are a perfect way to get around. Be warned Sunday bus service is spotty so a car may be best.

10. If you are able to check in early, try and score a room a low floor to avoid the elevators. You’ll save valuable dick sucking time.

11. If this is your first time to Dallas, you should know that the Eagle in Dallas is NOT like every other Eagle in the country. There are no backrooms or play areas. Sorry. 

12.Even though you know there are free drinks at the hotel, you’ll undoubtedly buy more alcohol then you’ll drink. Have a ‘Get rid of your booze’ party Sunday night. I promise it’ll be fun.

13. Black Eyed Peas serves a great brunch.

14. Beware of the Mr. TBRU contest. Like the underwear auction, it’s very long without a big pay off.

15. The pool parties are loads of fun. This one of the few times you can wear you super skimpy swim suit.

7 thoughts on “TBRU Survival Guide

  1. I agree with all points made in this blog.

    Additional tips:

    Take a nice hot shower before you go to the pool party. Take an EXTRA hot shower after you get out of the pool. The pool after the first pool party becomes a cess pool for germs and pre-cum, but hey…if that's your thing, BRING A SNORKEL!

    If you have bear411, now is the time to actually pay for it for a month. I really only recommend this for hooking up purposes, for social purposes you shouldn't be on your phone or your computer!

    I know some of you shy/introverted people have a harder time at these events but I promise you if you put yourself out there you will have a much better time than keeping to yourself, unless you're just there to people watch or get laid.

    Lastly, REMEMBER TBRU IS A BEAR RUN! Be crystal clear in your wants/desires/intentions. Most drama happens because of poor communication. So be clear in what you want and verbalize it because honestly…nobody wants to be THAT guy.


  2. shyness goes NOWHERE at this event. you gotta put yourself out there too…otherwise it will be a disappointment..when doing bear runs or any event just go to have fun…no expectations you will be alright. if you want to be a ho go be a ho lol. if you wanna make friends you got to do your part in putting yourself out there. TBRU is FUN I wish i was going this year but work says no.


  3. Also, remember to hold on tight to your run pass. DON'T LOSE IT. You can get a replacement, but they will often charge you for it, and you will need it to get into everything but BearDance. Furthermore, if you're not staying at the host hotel, make a friend at the crowne. Being able to change/charge your phone/have a place to put things before the pool parties/etc can save you a TON of time running back and forth. Also, if you eat at Pappadeaux's (I highly recommend it!) get the bacon-wrapped shrimp on dirty rice. It is heaven, last time I ate there with a bunch of bears, and I barely got to eat any of mine because they kept distracting me and stealing shrimp off my plate. 😛


  4. Main thing is… have fun. if someone wants to do the contest and/or underwear auction they can. Don't miss out just because you MIGHT get dick.


  5. I want to add some basic rules derived from a lifetime of science-fiction conventions. The principles are totally the same.

    1. Try to eat at least one “real” meal per day.

    2. Don't just drink alcohol. Hydrate yourself and pace yourself.

    3. Observe basic rules of personal hygiene. Shower and change clothes at least once per day AND as appropriate. A good rule of thumb is, if you have to wonder whether it's time for one or both – it probably is.


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