The Gay Gasp Gossip Game

The game is simple. Get a group of friends together and go through and answer each question. I promise the answers will bring back fun memories and get you gossiping about the latest news. There isn’t a need for game boards or cards and the only rule is honesty. (Alcohol isn’t required but it helps) I got the idea because TBRU is coming up and I will be spending large amount of quality time with my New England besties in various stages of intoxication. Hint: This game is best played with people you’ve know for a long time. If you want turn this into a drinking game its simple, anytime your answer matches someone else’s… take a drink! Or anytime your answer is someone in the room, take a drink.

Have fun! Note: the answers can involve anyone, not just people in the room playing.

Who’s personality gets in the way of their looks?
Who would we be surprised you hooked up with?
Who would we be surprised you want to hook up with?
Is there anyone you consider a missed opportunity? (for dating or sex)
Best sex story? 
Worst sex story?
Who were you attracted to at first site but was ruined after you got to know them?
Favorite vacation?
Who’s naked pics are you dying to see?
Who’s naked pics did you see that were a complete let down?
Who needs to go to AA?
Who was the last person you drunk text’d?
Who was the last person you sext’d?
Worst BDB moment?
Name a sex act you’ve never tried.
Worst person travel with?
Have you ever jerked off at work?
Have you ever had sex at work?
If everyone was single, who would you want to date? (Current BF excluded)
List everyone you have hidden on Facebook.
I can’t stand ________ on Facebook.
Who is the craziest person you know? (crazy in a bad way)
Who is crazy but you’d never know it by looking at him?
If you had to give an award to the biggest trainwreck, who would it be?
Favorite drink?
Name someone who hates you.
Name someone you hate (or strongly dislike).
Whatever happened to ___________?
Best ‘when we first met’ story with someone in the room.
Of your current friends circle, who have you known the longest?
I need to get fucked up: Who is the first person you text?

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