What’s Next for Apple?

Apple revolutionized the mobile phones with the first iPhone. A couple years later they rolled out the iPad and again hit it big. With Steve Jobs at the helm, they redefined the industry and left every competitor miles behind them. However that was a couple years ago. The last major innovation was Facetime and the front facing camera but since then it’s been yawn city. They brought out Siri which turned your phone into your very own ventriloquist doll. You: “Siri, call me an ambulance.” Siri: “Ok from now on I’ll call you Anne Ambulance.” (Hilarious drunken laughs from your friends) It’s no surprise that Apple’s market dominance is starting to slip. Those once lacking competitors have now caught up. Now there is very little difference between iPhones and Droids and basically you can get what you want on either platform. It’s a critical time for Apple and current CEO Tim Cook must prove that it wasn’t only Steve Jobs’ brilliance that shot them to success.

So what does Apple do now? They need a new ground breaking idea. There was talk that Apple is trying to develop a smart phone watch. Imagine your iPhone on your wrist. The trouble with a watch is that the smart phone caused many people to stop wearing watches all together. I think that’s an idea better left to internet gossip columns. The other big rumor (which is more likely to be true) is that Apple will release a cheaper version of the iPhone made out of plastic in order to appeal to lower income buyers. That’s a great idea that will help draw in new customers but it’s hardly groundbreaking.

They say history is doomed to repeat itself and Apple already fell behind once in it’s history. Do you remember Apple during the 1990s? Yeah I don’t either. I can’t give Apple it’s next big idea but hopefully it’s already in the works. Personally I hope they lead the way in battery life. Make a phone that will last for days on end without needing a charge. While we’re at it, can we also get a color besides black or white? How about green or red? Good luck Apple. I’m still a fan and I know you’ll come up with another gadget that we don’t know we need.


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