In The News

It’s been a slow news week, but here are the headlines getting the most buzz:

-The Northeast got pounded by a huge winter storm that dump a staggering 3 feet of snow in some spots.

-The Pope resigned as Pope. Yeah so that happened…

-The Grammys were Sunday night and over all the show was a big snooze fest. The only two things you need to know are:

          Adele wore this                             and                     Kelly Clarkson totally photo-bombed Ellen

-In movie news, Rex Reed of the New Your Observer reviewed Identity Thief and rather then focus on the acting or quality of the film, he chose to focus on Melissa McCarthy’s weight. When referring to the Oscar nominated actress he uses words like hippo, tractor-sized, humongous and creep. Seriously. I wonder if the same adjectives have ever been used in a review for a John Candy movie? Or a Jonah Hill movie? Seth Rogan? Chris Farley? I didn’t think so.

-Madonna’s on Instagram and it’s awesome. (If it’s really her) I was follower 39,002 in case you were curious.

Fashion Week is like so over! New York Fashion Week is currently under way. There are whisper that the Fashion Week concept has Jumped the Shark. Once a place for top talent, this year NYFW featured a cat fashion show. Seriously. Also, some well respected designers have chosen to sit this one out. (including Rachel Roy and Erin Fetherston) New York is not the only one in trouble, Alexander McQueen announced they will not be showing at Paris Fashion week this season. However H&M will…


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