Random Thoughts

I have a beard now. 

When doing your regular grooming, don’t neglect your belly button. It needs just as much maintenance as the rest of your body.

Speaking of bellies, as you already know I am a belly lover. One of the hottest parts of a man’s body is the under curve of his belly. He might be posing with bulging muscles but it’s his belly that gives you a boner.

The McDonald’s McFlurry may just be the best desert in the world. 

I love drunken make-out sessions. Kissing and groping while everyone else watches…They’re a huge turn on and yet completely harmless. The best of both worlds. 

The Zac Efron Effect- When it comes to men, my boyfriend’s taste tends toward the classic bear/bubba physique. However, he’d be the first to admit he totally wants to have sex with Zac Efron. It may sound strange but I bet you’ve strayed from your type at one point too. We’ve all found someone at one point or another who is totally fuckable despite being the opposite of our type. If you like skinny he may be fat, if you like short he may be tall. It may not be common but it happens. Who’s your Zac Efron? I won’t name mine cause he’s a local who reads this blog. Gasp!

I finally caught up to 2011 and bought the second season of Shameless on DVD. I still jerk off every time Ian fucks Mickey. When they’re in the dug out… Fuck that was hot! If you get Showtime, season 3 just premiered a couple weeks ago. I’ll get it on DVD in 2014.

Today (January 24) is my boyfriends birthday. Happy Birthday to the best guy in the world. You make me laugh and smile with your enormous charm. There’s no one I’d rather be with.

I apologize about the picture and my shinny face/head. #ShinnyFaceRealness

TBRU (Texas Bear Round Up) Is less then two months away and I’m so excited to see my Connecticut crew as well as past TBRU buddies. We’re gonna party HARD!

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