Are you a ‘Mariah Carey’ in bed?

Try and picture Mariah Carey in having sex. The image that instantly comes to mind is of Ms. Carey laying on a bed with perfect makeup, hair, and lighting while some eager young stud furiously works hard to give her pleasure. Her only sexual talent is simply allowing him the privilege to service her. She’s a sex diva. By the way… no matter how well he licks her pussy he still must only address her as Ms. Carey before during and after coitus.

This is a question of service. Do you like it when guys simply want to be serviced without any reciprocation? It’s a question that can really divide a room. For some people, it’s their ultimate goal. They just want to be kneeling in a corner as a rough stud fucks their face. These are the men who created glory holes 15 years ago and now keep the Craigslist M4M section alive. Also included in this group are the men that just love sucking dick more then anything else. It’s less of a dominance situation and more a true love for the sport. On the opposite side of this argument are the men that require a partner to give as well as receive. An eye for an eye or cock for a cock arrangement. These men view sex in a much more egalitarian fashion.

Side Note: I can’t help but also notice some of the divide comes down to cum. If you’re a guy who loves to swallow come (cum sluts/cum pigs etc) you’re much more likely to want a pure service situation. If your feeling toward cum are less devout, most likely you want him to give as much as he receives.

A friend offered his prospective. He said he didn’t mind servicing a ‘Mariah Carey’ if it was a one time trick. (ie the Blow & Go) However in the case of a regular fuck buddy, he admitted the routine got boring. That’s understandable. There’s something very hot about a guy using your body for his pleasure but that appeal can wear off very quickly if your needs are never met. I had a fuck buddy back home who loved getting serviced and nothing gave me more pleasure then wrapping my lips around his hot cock. I’d suck, he’d cum, and we were done and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. A true MC. (The memories still gets me hard) On the flip side, I’ve also had regular FBs who like giving please as much as they like getting it. One guy comes to mind and the time we were swapping rim jobs at a bar. Now that’s a true #TrashyFriday! For me, I guess it comes down to my mood for the moment. Different guys fill the need for different moments in life. Also the one unifying factor throughout is usually confidence. Whether it’s a quiet comfort level or a strong cocky attitude, I like guys who aren’t shy and nervous. Maybe that’s the real lesson. If your cute and confident I’m much more likely to go along for the ride.

For the record, I am a huge fan of the real Mariah Carey. #TEAMMARIAH

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