Golden Globes Wrap Up

The Golden Globes aired last night celebrating their 70th Anniversary. The evening was hosted by the amazing Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. They killed it! As a friend said on Facebook, “They should host everything, always.” They walked the fine line of being fun, friendly, and edgy. Absolute perfection! I could watch them all day long. Perfect Perfect Perfect.

Major winners include Anne Hathaway, Ben Affleck, Hugh Jackman, Daniel Day Lewis, Les Mis, and Argo. Adele was pretty post pregnancy, while Girls star Lena Dunham couldn’t walk in her shoes. President Clinton even made an appearance to present Lincoln for Best Drama.

Jodi Foster was the major non-award story of the evening. Foster was given the lifetime achievement award and she gave weird speech about not coming out. Before she got even got on stage there was her bizarreness of  table mate Mel Gibson. Really? He’s your big celebrity friend? That’s embarrassing. Then she got on stage and the bizarreness continued. The whole speech was a bit odd and I did’t think it was as great as everyone else. I kept thinking she should have practiced it before hand. She started out oddly by quoting Sally O’Mally from SNL “I’m 50! I’m 50!”. Jodi is not someone known for comedy. She eventually got on track and talked about her personal life and coming out at an early age. She didn’t want to officially say she’s gay because that’s too personal. While I respect her choice, it also makes my eyes role. My major problem is that I HATE it when a celebrity comes out in the twilight of their career. I’ve always been underwhelmed by Rosie O’Donnell for the same reason. I respect stars who actually say their gay when its a risk and they have something to loose. Ellen, Jim Parsons and Anderson Cooper are good examples. They chose to come out with shows still on the air. Ellen broke ground on her hit prime time sitcom. Cooper and Parson’s outing was a lot less of a risk, but at least they did it while they were still relevant. Jodi Foster is the farthest thing from relevant and now we know she’s gay. (even though she won’t actually say it) She took the easy way out. Good back home Jodi, you’re a pussy. Side note: When then played the video retrospective of Foster’s career, did anyone else realize she hasn’t been in as many hit movies as we thought?

The fashion of the evening featured a lot of boring and messy gowns. Very few stand outs and most actresses just looked fine. The Best Actress winners both had boob problems. Best Actress in a drama winner Jessica Chastain had horrible droopy boobs in blue Calvin Klein and Best Actress in a comedy Jennifer Lawrence had pointy boobs in red Dior. The real winner of the night was (my all time favorite designer) Alexander McQueen. The two best dresses of the night were both from the British fashion house. Kate Hudson and Nicole Kidman both looked perfect in their gold and black dresses.

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