Welcome to Streamzoo

Streamzoo is a new photo sharing app that’s giving Instagram a run for it’s money. The basic layout of Streamzoo is similar to Instagram but with add features that can make the app feel a little clunky. It feels like the Windows version of an Apple product. Apple is known for their streamlined products that are very simple and easy to use. Windows products on the other hand can get bogged down with menus, features and option. Streamzoo has a feature where users earn Badges based on their activity. For example, when you first sign up you get the “Newbie” badge. You can also earn point but my interest level in the points in so low that I don’t know how you get them or what you do with them once their yours. Points and badges are lame. I am not a 45 year old woman and this is not Pinterest. Streamzoo does have some positives going for it like the ability to post videos. That’s an awesome feature that is lacking in many other apps. In addition you can send private messages to other users. So is it worth the switch? Here are some of the most popular (and misguided) reasons for signing up.

One of the main reasons people, or at least the people I know, are flocking to SZ is because they allow X-rated photos and video. I’m all for sex pics, but that job is currently being held by Tumblr and Tumblr is doing splendidly. I can see the need for a photo sharing site that lets you be free with your cock and ass though. (Shout out to Atxbears who posted some great j/o videos today. Well done sir.) Sexuality can be an easy crutch that eventually kills creativity. Naked pictures are easy and after a while they can start to look generic. Think of how many boring jerk off videos are on Xtube right now or faceless anus shots on Tumblr? (Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pic of a beefy man’s hole) One of the reasons I like that Instagram is because it doesn’t allow X rated content. It forces users to be a bit more creative with their sexuality.

The second reason I see people jumping on Streamzoo’s ship is because it’s not Instagram. Like any very popular brand, there are always going to be punks that hate it just because it’s popular. For every McDonald’s, Coca Cola and Facebook there is a Burger King, Pepsi, and Google+.  That coupled with Instagram’s User Agreement nightmare, gave many excuse to look for something new. I’m also starting to notice a lot more people on SZ have private profiles. I’m curious if they learned their lesson from sharing to much on Instagram. Does your boss need to see your home grown pot plants? Probably not. I’ve long advocated for using every privacy setting available to you and now it seems like people are starting to agree. It’s much easier to start out private then to change midstream and have to delete people.

On a final note about the sexually explicit content, users should be warned that Streamzoo is not the all welcoming ‘wave your freak flag’ app it might appear to be. Streamzoo’s guidelines are very clear:

I suspect it’s a policy that doesn’t get enforced because the app is still relatively new and under the radar. However if popularity continues to grow, I suspect they will start cracking down on horny users.

Overall I like Streamzoo more then I first expected but I am still skeptical is it can continue to hold my interest. Truthfully, I predict it will go the way of Google+ and Cyndi Lauper. But time will tell and I could always be proven wrong. What do you think? Have you signed up yet?

Like Instagram, my Streamzoo user name is TheGayGasp if you want to follow me. Or better yet, just send me a faceless asshole shot.

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