The Grammys Suck (Still)

The Grammy nominations were announced last week there was one key takeaway: It was a very weak year for good music. Let me start by saying that I’ve always lacked a certain amount of respect for the Grammys. They lack consistency and with so many categories almost anyone can get a trophy. My left testicle was even nominated for Best Historical Album and Best Pop Instrumental Performance. (yes those are real categories) The Grammys have evolved over the years and today’s awards have the taste level of a sexually confused 17 year old. While they try and look grungy and hypster chic on the outside deep down they still like cheesy mass market pop music. These two sides provide a bizarre mix. To satisfy it’s hypster taste this year we have Goyte, The Black Keys, and Frank Ocean. *A side note: this is going to make me sound like a grumpy old man but I don’t why people like Frank Ocean’s music. It’s fucking terrible.* While you were lamenting Goyte’s nomination for Record of the Year the Grammys snuck in some Taylor Swift and an ass load of Kelly Clarkson to satisfy the boring pop side. Yes that’s right, KC got a nod for Song and Records of the Year for Stronger (What doesn’t kill you) That song was mildly entertaining at best. In no universe does it or she deserve 4 nominations.

Album of the year doesn’t get much better. It’s a heaping pile of who cares. Album of the Year includes: Jack White, Frank Ocean, Mumford and Sons, the Black Keys and Fun. I want to create and angry cat meme just for this category. It was also pointed out by E! Online that the entire category is all male. That’s interesting when you consider that for the past couple years female artists have been leading the way and driving sales. The biggest names in music right now are Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Adele, Rihanna, Beyonce amongst others. I think Justin Bieber can also be lumped in with the girls on this one. Not all of ladies had deserving or eligible albums but there’s got to be at least one vagina that made a worthy album contender. My vote for that spot is Florence and the Machine. SO GOOD!

Other noted Grammy news:

-Ms. Carly Rae Jepsen got a couple nods for Call Me Maybe

-Pink was almost except for a Pop Album nod.

-Nicki Minaj was totally ignored. (They may have gotten this one right)

-As I said Florence and the Machine should’ve got an Album of the Year nomination for Ceremonials. At least they got a couple nod’s in other categories.

-Where is David Guetta? I loved Titanium so much that I still think it deserves a Song of the Year spot.

-What happened to the Dance category? Dance is paired with Electronic and later dominated the category. Props to Skrillex and Avicii… but no Rihanna? Where Have You Been is a solid dance song.

-SWV got nominated for Best Traditional R&B Performance. Who knew they had a new album out? Good for you ladies!

For a complete list of nominations visit the official Grammy website


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