Finders Keepers

It’s come to my attention that some people lack the skills to find a person online. If you’re too shy to actually approach them in person, here are other ways to find out more info. Clarification: When I say ‘find more info’ it usually means finding X rated content.
These tips may come in handy if you are to nervous to talk to someone one or maybe they left before you had a chance to chat. If you’re at a bear event, it impossible to talk to everyone you’re interested in. Once you get home the online search begins for that hot couple you kept seeing. I’ll give you an example to start off with: I saw a guy this past weekend at the Dallas Eagle who was very cute. He also happen to look a lot like my friend Mike. I pointed out the likeness to the mutual friend I was chatting with and he happened to mention they were Tumblr friends. This is enough information to start a bountiful search. The tips vary based on what you know and what you want to find. so let’s break it down step by step:
1. Friends are the best resource. I know someone who I’ve nicknamed the Bear Rolodex for his expert skills vast and archives of bear porn. The Bear/Chub/Chaser community is a tightly knit one and you probable know someone in common. Or at the very least you may know someone who has stumbled across their profile(s) at some point. Friend can provide a lot of the basic information like name or city to start searching. 
2. Who do your friend know? Friend can also provide great information without knowing it. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, Xtube, and Tumblr all feature ways to link to other peoples profiles. Whether its following on Tumbler and Instagram or friends on Xtube and Facebook there are ways to see who your friends know. Often called poaching, it refers to going through someone’s friend list and steeling anyone that looks cute. This is especially helpful on Instagram.
3. What’s their screen name? Many people use the same screen names across multiple sites. Some screen names have become nicknames in real life. Let’s say there’s a sexy guy you know and you’d love to see his naked pictures. You also noticed that he uses the same name on a couple of sites… AlabamaSlammaa. Using that screen name is an easy way to search for him. For example everyone’s Tumblr web address follows the same format. So in this case it would be The same goes for Xtube. (If you haven’t looked already, AlabamaSlammaa is just a name I made up for this example. Sorry guys.)
4.Sometimes you have to do the grunt work. In some cases you may only have very limited information. You may only know that he lives in Seattle and nothing else. In those instances, its time for the old school location search. Sites like Bear411, BiggerCity, BigMuscleBears, and Manhunt are useful because they allow you the ability to seach based on location. If you’re lucky he lives in a small town because if you’re unlucky you may have to sift through 80 pages of search results if he lives in New York City. Even Growlr has a feature where you can search by city.
5. Just Ask. Its the simplest way to get what you want. But be warned… if you want X rated content you’re going to be expected to give X rated content. (I’m talking to you Ollie) Many will trade pics but few will give them up with no strings attached. 
6. You may need good old fashion luck. Finding someone on Tumblr can be extremely difficult if you do not know a screen name. Sometime you just have to wait for luck to intervene and their picture to show up in your news feed. I’ve found two friends on Xtube simple by accidentally stumbling onto their videos.
As you can see it’s not difficult to find someone online. You can also use all this information if you do not want to be found. If you want to hide, simply do the opposite of everything I listed. Just know that once you share a picture or video with one person it’s like sharing it with the world. Once that door is open it’s near impossible to shut. Personally I love it when people share dirty pictures. Nothing makes me happier then a text message with a new iPhone sex video attached. That’s perfect j/o material.
P.S. Googling a person is amateur and rarely gives your the results you’re looking for. Unless of course you’re searching for someone like Rihanna or Pam Anderson. 

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