Shout Outs!

My boyfriend in Houston November 2012
Me in New Haven September 2011
 A shout out to white sneakers! You can be boring with your black books but white sneakers stand out. A side note: Each of the two pictures were taken independently of each other. How crazy is it that my boyfriend’s pal took almost the exact same photo as someone took of me?!?

A shout out to dogs in cars! Nothing makes a pooch happier then going for a ride.
A shout out to Target! Their Evolve men’s underwear is comfortable, cute and cost effective. $12.99 for a box of two.

A shout out to World AIDS day! Get tested and know your status.
A shout out to Apple Pie Shots! Pineapple Juice, Goldschlager, and Apple Schnapps. Delicious.

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