First look through the list and then we’ll chat.

The Photographer
Jon Gati
Facebook Friends 1361
Instagram Followers: 600

The Up and Comer 
Jared Wilson
Facebook Friends: 1388
Instagram Followers: 1568

The Tumblr Star
Jeff Sommerfield
Facebook Friends: 3210
Instagram Followers: 315

The Boy Next Door
Tyler Blair
Facebook Friends: 666
Instagram Followers: 1010

The Traveler
Joe Guerrero
Facebook Friends: Hidden
Instagram Followers: 100

The Smirk
Russell Neill
Facebook Friends: 1252
Instagram Followers: 922

The Hollywood Couple
Dean DeBlois and JD George
Facebook Friends: Hidden
Instagram Followers: 404 (JD)

Beef Wellington
Nick Robles
Facebook Friends: 1269
Instagram Followers: 999

What makes a bearlebrity? It’s a phenomena born from the internet and the digital age. They are the men who everyone knows or knows of. In some cases you may not know their name but you may definitely recognize them from Tumblr and Instagram. The most common response to seeing their picture is usually, “Oh I’ve seen him before.” As anyone can see by scrolling through the list good looks and sex appeal goes a long way. Sometimes a pretty face is all you need for attention. Obviously my list isn’t an exact science but I tried to pick the guys who are well known throughout the country not just on their home turf. I also picked guys who will provoke a strong reaction. Forgettable, boring, and beige are not words you would ever use to describe them. Another factor is travel. Those who do not have a strong online presence may make up points from traveling often and simply meeting more people. For example, from what I can tell through Facebook, Joe Guerrero travels a lot for work. Therefore he’s probably able to meet a lot more people then if he was stuck behind a desk in Boston. He’s just one of those guys that everyone knows. (I assume he travels for work because he’s always checking in at airports lol)

I won’t go through everyone one by one but there are a couple important notes.  First, Tyler Blair is very deservedly on the list even though I’m not sure he identifies as a bear. Of everyone, he has the most cross-over potential. Also if you get a chance look up his adorable Youtube videos. Dean is the only guy who is a legitimate celebrity and I challenge you to go a day on Tumblr without seeing Jeff Sommerfield. Another key take away is that Instagram is playing and increasingly bigger role in social media. If you’re not on Instagram… sign up. Second, I need to give Russell Neill a shout out because he was a big help in researching this post, especially when it came to finding them on Instagram.

*It should be mentioned that I don’t know all these guys personally. I simply created the list as an observer in the community. I truly intended the list to be fun and no one should take it or me very seriously. So I hope JD, Dean, Russell, Jared, Tyler, Joe, Nick, Jeff and Jon have a get a good laugh and find this post flattering.

**Russell Neill also wanted it pointed out that he is taller the Jeff Sommerfield.


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