Social Amnesia

I started thinking about this post specifically with regard to sex. Have you ever had mediocre sex with someone and afterward you thought to yourself, “That was a waste of time and it’s not happening again.” Maybe he has a hot body but he also likes baby talk or he’s one of those sexy muscle bears who’s into man smells. It’s one of those situations where you can fake interest for a night but once you shoot your load… it’s over. Remember Janice on Friends? Then a funny thing happens, after a couple months he hits you up on Growlr and somehow sex amnesia kicks in and you forget why you swore off him the last time. Whatever the downside, there is usually an upside that helps wash away the bad memories. His hot bubble butt blurs your memory of his excessive popper usage. “I don’t know why it’s been so long.. he had a really great ass. I should invite him over.” The amnesia is never permanent though. Once he’s lying next to you trying (and failing) to get hard, all your memories flood back and you realize your mistake. “Oooooh yeah, now I remember…”

After thinking about sex amnesia a little bit more I realized the same concept can be applied to general social situations. Time and distance can blur that mental note you made. For example that friend you hid on Facebook because of his constant negativity. When when you see him out at a dinner party you start wondering why you distanced yourself from him in the first place? You even tell him, “We haven’t talked in forever, we should hang out more.” Good old amnesia is in full effect until the next day when he calls to tell you how his evening ended. Apparently he left the restaurant to ‘go find food’ (heavy air quote usage) with the excessively nose-itchy James. Finding food of course turned into a stop at an abandoned car wash were he got car head in exchange for making a purchase from James’ coke dealer. Much like the limp-dicked popper queen from above all your memories come back. You vow to avoid him at all costs. That is until 3 months from now when you’ll inevitably hear yourself saying, “Oh my god sit down, I haven’t seen you in ages…”


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