Rupaul’s Drag Race! Start Your Engine!!
The All Star season is here and I’m hooked! This season Ru has changed it up a smidge and put the queen in pairs. All your favorites are back so let’s break it down queen by queen. 

Alexis Mateo- Alexis Mateo has a great personality and is fun to watch. She’s the girl that is talented and will make it far but has no chance in hell of ever winning.

Chad Michaels- Oh Chad, you’re scorned from loosing to Sharon Needles. (BTW Sharon, if you’re reading this, you’re still my favorite!) Back to Chad… you’re professional and polished but I’ve decided I don’t care. Like the judges always tell you, you’re a bit to perfect. My advice: Get completely trashed on those Absolute cocktails and stumble onto the runway in a junkie whore homage to Courtney Love.Give them dirty angry slut realness. Also, I was kind of hoping you would get kicked off in the first round.

Jujubee- I can’t say anything bad about Jujubee. In fact I know/knew her personally. She lived across the hall from me in college. (True story) Honestly, Jujubee is a well educated and a down to earth wonderful person. She’s the most together Drag Queen I’ve ever met. Go Jujubee!!

Latriiiiiiiiiiice Royale- Ok now we’re getting somewhere. Latrice has a real shot at winning. I would love to see her walk away with the well deserved title.

Manila Luzon- Manila is another one of my favorites. When it was down to her and Raja I had a hard time picking a favorite. I can’t put my finger on it but there’s just something I really like about her. She’s going to go far and has a shot a the final title.

Meme Imfurst- Ugh. Honey, you’re a mess. The question “Why is she even on the show?” was asked several times during the premier episode. Nina Flowers was right, “Someone has to go home first.”

Nina Flowers- Ms. Flowers should have won season one. She was FIERCE!! If she can bring it as well as she did in season one, she may be unstoppable. In the first episode she didn’t stand out as her normal self instead looking old with an awful runway wig. Hopefully she comes back strong!

Pandora Boxx- Unfortunately you got paired with Meme Imfurst so you were behind the eight ball to begin with. However, you gave up and gave in. Your misery was palpable to everyone. If you put on a smile and made the best of it I truly think you could have avoided elimination. BTW… why in the hell did you let Meme Lip Sync for both your lives?

Raven- I like Raven because she has style but with some edge. She has that ‘not to perfect’ quality that Chad Michaels is lacking. Also she could be a strong yet surprising contender for the win.

Shannel- I hate Shannel. Her costumes are too gaudy and over the top… and that’s saying a lot on a Drag competition. Plus she thinks her shit don’t stink. She needs to be taken down a peg and then sent home!

Tammie Brown- We didn’t see much of Tammie Brown on her season because she was kicked off early. She seems strange and weird in a good way so far. We’ll have to see if that turns really good or really bad.

Yara Sofia- I like Yara Sofia but I can’t understand a word she says. I suspect she’ll stick around for a while but like her partner Alexis, she has no chance of ever winning. 

Final Thoughts:

-Untucked is AMAZING and it may be better then the actual show.

-I hope one of the episodes brings back all the former winners as a panel of judges.

-Why does it seem like a win on Drag Race equals a ticket to oblivion? It seems like we only hear from the runners up? Raja occasionally pops up in that Absolute Ad but otherwise they don’t get much airtime. I counting on Sharon Needles to kick that curse in the ass.

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