Project Runway Season 10

Thursday night was the season 10 finale of Project Runway. There’s a lot to discuss. First things first, the judges chose Dmitry as the winner. I usually agree with the judges or at the very least can see there point of view. I couldn’t believe how much they loved his garments. Throughout the season Dmitry made well tailored clothes that got him to the final 4. During the critique for his final three looks (officially getting him to The Final Runway) the judges warned him that his looks could come across old. After he switched around some of his pieces the judges applauded him for making it look fresh and young. Young? Were we looking at the same models? The jacket with the fringe sleeves paired with draped baggy black pants. GAG! I thought most of his collection was horribly ugly. I did like his first look, the white dress with the cut-outs. However it was 2 sizes to big and didn’t fit the model. If you’re doing a dress with cut outs the dress should fit her like a glove. There is also an element of boring to Dmitry.
So Dmitry won and life goes on. Honestly we’ll never hear anything from him again as he fades into forgettable history. As for the other 3 designers, let’s go through them one by one. I felt bad for Christopher who was the front runner all season. He fell apart in the finale. I really enjoyed his print made from his mother’s xray and he had a lot of great pieces. I think he just got overwhelmed with the stress and made bad styling choices. I’m not sure if he had a winning collection but he had a collection that was at least good enough for runner up. Melissa was next with her rocker meets Macys looks. Her collection wasn’t ok… Many of the dresses were nice but safe. Nothing stood out except for that stupid white sheath dress that had the model hobbling down the runway like a Japanese geisha with bound feet. The red (leather?) dress had a punch of color but I hate asymmetrical hems on a one shoulder dress. Do one or the other, not both. I thought her show was the weakest of the bunch. My favorite moment of the episode was when Christopher (in his confessional interview) bitched about Melissa’s ‘blood orange’ dress, “Blood orange? Are you kidding me… (eye roll) It’s fucking red.”
That leaves Fabio who should have won. I am shocked that I liked his collection the best because from the entire season I can’t remember one notable piece he made. His collection was the most unique which was helped by the fact that the other three designers could’ve have combined their efforts into one big (dark) collection. I wanted the final two to be Christopher and Fabio with Fabio pulling out the win. At least the judges liked his collection as much as I did.
Final Thoughts:
Why don’t they have the finale live? Everyone knows they tape it weeks in advance with decoy collection to through off the audience. Side Note: I wish they would have a special ‘behind the scenes’ episode where they showed the fake collections.
A tip to future PR contestants. Have a plan. Going onto the show you can expect to have the following challenges: Men’s wear, the Real Women (plus size) challenge, the unconventional materials challenge, and the make your own pattern challenge. Every season they may tweak the details but you can have a general idea in your head. If your strength is gown making practice a killer pair of pants. Practice whatever your weakness is because there will be a whole challenge devoted to whatever it may be. Finally, plan and prepare your final collection. You may not have the money to buy fabric ahead of time but muslin is a cheap way to prepare possible outfits. Think of things to make ahead of time: patterns, sketches, jewelry, accessories etc.

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