2 Years of Gasping

Today is the 2 year anniversary of The Gay Gasp. The traditional gift for a 2 Year Anniversary is cotton, which I interpret to mean clothes. So if you want to send me presents I’m a XL-XXL at Threadless.com.  The Gay Gasp started while I was bored working from my home office on a slow Sunday afternoon.  It seems so far away now. Well I guess it is because it’s literally over 1000 miles away now. This past June I broke out of my comfort zone and moved half way across the country to Dallas, TX. The move was a long time coming although once I set the wheels in motions it went much quicker then I expected. For years I had always fantasized about living somewhere completely different but I never had the courage to do it.
The number one question I get asked is always “Why did you move?” It’s an understandable question that has a two part answer. The first part is Weather. I hate winter. To be more specific I hate snow. Remember January of 2011 when Connecticut got a major blizzard every couple days? That was my breaking point. I can deal with cold if I have to but snow fucks everything up.
As I said, the weather was only half the reason for my move. It’s also the easier to explain. The second part is a bit more complex. This seconds part of why I moved is what I wanted to focus on for my anniversary blog post  as a way of showing where I was and how far I’ve come.
I’ll begin by saying pointing out that I was born and raised in Connecticut and until this year I had lived there my entire life. I still consider it my home. Connecticut is a beautiful state that has a lot to offer. Side note: you can always tell when a bashing is going to ensue because I always start out with a bland compliment. Connecticut is a state filled with wonderful (gay) people most of whom are 40+ and partnered for many years. I don’t mean that as a knock on age, I only point it out to show the different stage of life they are in. There is a serious lack of options if you’re single and ready to mingle. I could also go on and on about CT being boring, lacking a good bar scene, and being so repetitively mundane that it could drive a sane person to hysterics. While that all may be true, the biggest problem in Connecticut was me. I was becoming a bitter and jaded. My default reaction to everything was a groan and an eye roll. Lucky I had an amazing group of friends that prevented me from turning into a total kill joy. I guess the easiest way to explain it is by saying, I moved because I just needed a change. 
Now I’m hear in Dallas and moving did everything it was supposed to do. I feel like I have a fresh perspective on life. Everything is new and exciting again. In addition to a fresh perspective I have an active dating life. A dating life that includes more then just a random hook up every so often. It’s like God wanted to give me a sign that I made the right choice so he sent me the hottest cowboy in town as soon as I arrived. While I’m still technically single it’s nice to know that the possibility of finding a boyfriend is out there. Before I moved I truly believed it wasn’t in the cards for me. 
One more thing. I’ve been meeting a lot of new people since I’ve been here. Some are transplants from other states and some are born and raised Texans. Every so often I meet someone who does nothing but bitch and moan about Dallas. When I meet these guys I listen and offer a sympathetic ear because I know their pain. I was one of them 4 months ago. Maybe I should suggest they move to Connecticut? Gasp!
The Gay Gasp will go on as I move through life and get annoyed by meaningless celebrities. If you ever have an questions or have a topic you’d like me to address please feel free to leave a comment. (Comments can be left anonymously)  That’s goes for everyone except the Meg Ryan super fan… you just need to let it go.

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