SGS: Secret Gay Skill

I was out at the Dallas Eagle Friday night and ran into a friend who is recently engaged in Paris where they had been visiting his fiance’s family. We got talking about all the time sensitive wedding details that needed to be dealt with. Having a France fiance naturally means a wedding in France. Planning any wedding takes time and energy but once you move it overseas the To Do list doubles as the time line is cut in half. As our conversation progressed I somehow transformed into the gay wedding planner giving suggestions on save the date cards and venue choices. Once I got home I thought about our conversation and it struck me that all this wedding planning knowledge came spilling out of my mouth from unknown origins. How and why did I know so much about weddings? The answer was clear… wedding planning must be my Secret Gay Skill. 
You’re Secret Gay Skill is that one skill that comes naturally without any training. When I mentioned the phenomena to two friends visiting from San Antonio and they agreed. Their SGS was catering family functions having never had an organized cooking lesson. Somehow it just came naturally to them. My secret gay skill happens to be wedding planning but yours can be anything from arranging flowers to furniture. My friend Punk is great at putting eye makeup on even though he’s one of the butchest bears you’ll meet. You probably have a SGS lurking  deep down just waiting for that moment when it’s called to duty. 
I’ll be the first to admit that save the date cards are not a revolutionary idea. But to someone in the dark it makes a world of difference. So the next time you’re folding napkins into swans or expertly hand painting pottery don’t assume everyone can do it as well as you can. It may just be your secret gay skill.

P.S. Apart from that first conversation, I don’t want to take credit or infer that I’m planning the French wedding.

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