Grammar Nazi

They walk amongst us and blend in with everyday life… but don’t be fooled they’ll strike at any moment. That’s right, I’m talking about grammar nazis. They’ll be the first to correct your grammar on Facebook or point out a mistake on Twitter. Using bad grammar does make you look foolish so I understand that they’re trying to be helpful. Somewhere deep down they have good intentions but it’s usually wrapped up in thin layer of arrogance. Just know that if and when you correct someone’s grammar you will always come off like an asshole. I can’t say too much about grammar nazis because in the end they’re on the winning side of the argument.

As I’ve said before, I’m a notoriously bad speller. Horrifically bad. If you’re a faithful reader you’ve undoubtedly noticed mistakes that I’m blissfully unaware of. To help out my fellow bad spellers and grammar misfits here is a guide to some of the most common mistake. I’ve also included some of the words that I continually have trouble with:

Sweet vs Sweat:

I like when there is a clever trick to remember how to spell words. For example I never confuse meat and meet because an early grade school teacher pointed out the tip that the word eat in with in the word meat and meat is something you eat. Perfect. I love those little tricks. Wouldn’t it be easier if sweet was spelled s.w.e.a.t because it can refer to something you eat. But no! The English language had to go and make it hard. Damn you. For the records- SWEAT is what happens when you work out at the gym. SWEET is that flavor of a smoothie.

There, They’re and Their:

This is a mistake that’s very common but for someone reason I’ve always been able to master. I learned the difference early and it stuck in my brain. Their is possessive. They’re is a contraction for they are. There is a noun that usually refers to location. (It’s over there)

It’s vs Its

This is anther example of English language rule breaking. The rule is: add   ‘s  to show possession. Except in the case of the word IT. It’s is the contraction for it is. Its is the possessive form of IT. Damn it.


I always remember how to spell it, but a small part of me always want to put the I after the U (buisness)


When you’re typing or texting, auto correct will always try and change definitely to defiantly. There no real trick here. The only way I try and remember it is to spell definite and then add the ly


I always type cloths when I mean clothes. That just my own brain fart.

Waste vs Waist

This one still screws me up. Waist is the middle of your body where your belt goes. Waste is garbage.

Continual vs Continuous

I found this one online. I’m sure I’ve always used each work incorrectly. Continual means repeated regularly and often; Continuous means extended or prolonged without interruption.

Dessert vs Desert

I have a trick for this one. Dessert is what you eat and there are two SS because you always want more dessert.

Plane vs Plain

Now that I live in Texas I fly home somewhat often and whenever I type the word plane I have to type the word airplane into Google as I spell check. I still never remember which is which. (yes, I had to look as I was typing this post too) The only trick I can think of is: It rains on the plain and both are spelled with an AI.

I hope this helps. When is doubt type the word into Google or Yahoo as it will automatically form of list of what it thinks you’re trying to say. It’s a life saver.

P.S. Before this post I always thought grammar was spelled G.R.A.M.M.E.R. Oops.

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