Private Parts

Privacy has been on my mind a lot lately. I have an open book policy when it comes to my life. (Obviously or I wouldn’t have a blog)  I realize that not everyone is as forthcoming as I am though. For example, a couple people have made it a point to tell me that that they don’t want their pictures featured on the Gay Gasp. I don’t blame them at all for the request and I totally respect their privacy. In each case I had not intended to do so, but better to be safe then sorry on their part. However, one thing everyone should know is that I try to be as considerate as possible when selecting pictures. If the post is about friendship, past memories, and anything generally G rated, I tend to use my own discretion. When it comes to any X rated content, I only use what I find on the internet. (90% coming from Tumblr) I almost never post a picture someone has sent me privately. The only times I’ve done so is for Joe’s Spank Me Time Local Edition.  In each instance I’ve asked the person privately for their permission before posting anything. 

Privacy doesn’t just mean pictures. I’ve also been very conscious of what I say and how much I talk about all the new people I’ve been meeting. When I lived in Connecticut I felt much more secure writing about the people around me. I knew them well enough to know what the boundaries were. Now that I’m in Dallas, everyone is just a pinch more polite and private. Everyone is still having a lot of sex, it’s just kept behind a lot more locked doors. Even my love life has changed. At the moment I’m still single, but having someone special in my life has brought a constant smile to my face. But there again privacy is an issue. I hesitate to go into to much detail because I’m terrified I’ll screw it up. The last thing I would want to do it hurt his feelings or loose his trust. It’s a delicate balance. I want to be true to myself and be as open as possible while protecting the privacy of others. I wish I could wrap this post up with a lesson or a solution to share but I don’t have one. It’s a work in progress and to some extent I’m still making it up as I go along. 

However, if being a little more private gets me a sweet and caring cowboy, then privacy wins the war!

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