The News In Pictures

Starting from the top:

Mitt Romney chose Ryan Paul (R Wisconsin) as his VP running mate.

Michael Phelps is staring in Louis Vuitton’s new add campaign. I’m normally not a fan of LV but the add looks great.

Miley Cyrus chopped her hair off and died it blond. Thumbs up! Now if she could only fall off the face of the earth.

Corey Feldman wore a shear shirt. I honestly didn’t know he was still alive.

Happy 54th Birthday Madonna

Sanya Richards-Ross wore large Chanel earrings and flowing hair while running her first race of the 2012 Olympics. Sanya, you know the way to may heart.

Mark Summers and Myam Bialik were both in serious car accidents this past week. (separate accidents) Bialik blogged that she will be fine however she suffered a serious hand injury. Summers was quoted as saying the accident “whipped out half his face.”


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