Lost in Translation

I truly believe what you wear says a lot about you. Unfortunately the message can get lost in translation. Do you always wear bright colors or is everything in your closet black and gray? There is a large group of people who claim to be anti-fashion and there is an even larger group who chooses to put in no effort at all. Assumptions can be made either way but I suspect they’re not always correct. I am fully aware that my love of style sometimes gives off the wrong impression. The most common assumption is that if I love fashion I think a skinny waist is the ultimate accessory. Obviously not true. I love conducting mini social experiments in my everyday life. For example, I like to gage social interaction and approachability based on how I’m dressed. Every so often I decide to ‘dress down’ and see if my night is any different than a normal. My un-official theory: When I dress in cloths that I find plain, comfortable, and uninspired I become more approachable and more attractive to guys. Style and Flair can come off as unapproachable, vapid, and unfriendly. I’ve tested this theory numerous times over many years. Obviously there are hundreds of other factors that can come into play, but the results tend to be pretty predictable.
So why not dilute all my cloths down to average and boring? Even though I tend to meet more guys wearing a pair of baggy cargo shorts with a generic tee I still choose style most of the time. Fashion tip: Wear something that makes you feel good. (physically & emotionally) If you feel good, you look good. When I put on my slim fit powder puff pink shorts, a navy polo, blue and white striped belt (with matching flip flops) I have an extra spring in my step. You might get that extra pep from fancy underwear or your favorite Threadless design. Clothes should be fun and make you feel good about yourself. I realize there are still some of you that can’t even conceive of thinking this much about clothing. You view clothes the way I view food, totally utilitarian. For those people, here are some simple tips to remember the next time you get dressed.

Fashion Tips for Everyday life:
Fact: People will compliment you on ugly clothing. Conversely, trendy or cutting edge can bring jokes and laughter from friends. I think clothes are like art: a strong reaction is better then ambivalence.
Don’t under estimate the impact of a great pair of shoes. You may not want to wear skinny jeans and hipster scarf but a pair of fun sneakers will punch up any look. Keep an eye out for unique or customizable options.
Buy cloths that fit you! That could mean going up or down a size but it’s worth it. Fit is my number one tip! So many people get hung up on the letter or number on the tag. Remember, no one knows the size other then you. Cut out the tag and lie if it makes you feel better.

You need to buy new cloths every so often. Men are lucky in that styles don’t vary dramatically from year to year. However, that doesn’t mean your favorite jeans look as good as when you bought them. There’s a difference between faded on purpose and faded because it’s old. Yes we can tell the difference. Buy new clothes.

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