Sweet Home Waterbury

My parent’s house, my childhood home, is for sale. Mom and Dad want to downsize and move to a local 55 and older community. It hasn’t been easy with the real estate market’s famous downturn.  In fact this is the second time it been on the market. My parents tried selling last year but were unsuccessful. At the time two other house on the street were also for sale.One of the competitors was a mirror copy of my parent’s home along with a larger yard. After months of no offers they decided to take it off the market for the winter and try again in the spring/summer of this year. This year it was put up for sale again but with a new lowered price.
The price drop must have worked because last week they accepted an offer. They’re happy yet very skeptical. The real estate agent has warned them that the offer is contingent on the buyers getting financing which hasn’t been secured yet. Obviously I’m not a mortgage expert, but from what I’ve been told banks are being very strict with mortgages so there’s no guarantee. Unfortunately Mom and Dad will have to wait several weeks before they know if the sale is legit. This is where my dilemma comes in. As I said, this is the house I grew up in. All my family and childhood memories happened in this house. I would be heart broken if I couldn’t say goodbye. The timing is good because Labor Day is coming up and it would be a perfect weekend to head back to Connecticut. (although is squashes any plans to party with Punk and Brendan at Southern Decadence) However, my big hesitation is that the trip may be a waste of time. If the sale falls through I will have wasted precious dollars (that I don’t really have) on a plane ticket. You may be thinking, “You should make the trip because they’ll sell it eventually.” That’s a good point but not really true. My parents want to move but they don’t need to move. If they don’t sell the house by October(ish) their plan is to take it off the market for good and stay put. What to do, what to do? A war between budget and memories will have a lot of casualties. Honestly I haven’t made up my mind yet. A month from today I may be celebrating my birthday in Connecticut with all my best buds, I could be in New Orleans getting drunk as a skunk with Punk, or at home is Dallas cuddling up with a Texas bubba.
P.S. Punk- I know you’re reading this and thinking, “We haven’t made plans for Decadence, we’re not going.” You’ve also said that in the past. But I know you… on that Monday or Tuesday you’ll get an itch for fun in the Big Easy and you’ll make it happen. 😉 That and I needed your name for some good alliteration.

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