The Harem Effect (Part 2)

I occurred to me after reading my post “The Harem Effect” that I didn’t go into enough detail. I felt a follow up was needed to make a couple points clear.

First, a harem isn’t common. I’ve seen it happen a lot at bear events when there are huge numbers of people in a hormone filled environment. I remember once when two chubby boys where making out and there was a harem of on lookers practically creaming their pants. I also tend to notice it with one friend in particular. Looking through his FB pics actually gave me the idea for this post. His harem has more to do with age, although size is a factor. Young and old in a symbiotic cum filled arrangement. From what I can tell everyone involved seems to like the arrangement or at least they look like their having a good time.

In my previous post I used the ‘King Chub’ example so for our purposes I’ll continue to call the center of the harem the King. But let me be clear, the king can be young, old, chubby, skinny, tall or short. I just assumed the chub-chaser example would be one a lot of my readers could identify with. There is no one common type of harem. Also to clarify, a harem is not a organized arrangement. It happens due to the circumstances of the evening. Once the sun comes up the harem is filter back to normal life.

Although I’ve never been in a true harem, I can relate a tiny bit. From my experience, if you are in the harem you are just happy to be there. The king is so special that you’ll put up with a lot just for the chance to get a piece of the action. As far as the King goes, it’s easy to understand how great it feels to have a bunch of hotties at your beck and call. I also imagine that in everyday life, the king rarely gets that kind of attention. Either that or everyone involved is just horny and looking to fuck. Maybe the king is a pig bottom who only wants a gang bang?

I also realized that I may have come off as judgy in my first post when that wasn’t my intent. I’m all for harems. If you can get a bunch of hot guys to fawn over you for the night, I say more power to you. If you find a guy so amazing that he’s worth fawning over, then fawn away. For your own sake I hope you at least get a load of cum to swallow at the end of the night though. A good boy or king deserves his reward.

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