The Harem Effect

What’s your type? As in what type of man are you attracted to. In my case I consider my type to be a general preference rather then a steadfast rule. However some people have a type that’s etched in stone. So predictable that you can pick potential tricks out of the crowd and score 100%. Types can include: hairless asians, firm bellies, young and hung, young and chubby, white boy next door, latino, barely legal twink, guidos, daddy bears, and of course midgets. Some guys go after partners that look exactly like themselves while others are attracted to their opposite. Fat and skinny, young and old etc. In these yin and yang cases I’ve noticed the phenomena of the harem. It’s best described by example: We have all been out when you see a gaggle of gays walk in. Upon further inspection you notice that one of them is the obvious ‘center of attention’ and everyone one else just buzzes around. (aka minions, groupies) The straight world equivalent would be Hugh Hefner and is 10 barbie look-a-like girlfriends. In my world, most often you’ll see a king chub surrounded by his harem of eager chasers. (There’s probably porn with the same story line) Side note: If you want to play a fun game, get everyone drunk and sit back and watch the harem fight for the attention of their master. HI-Larious! I’ve always tended to notices harems when there are obvious physical differences. However the phenomena may be more common. If you think about it, a group of steroid muscle bears could easily be a harem but when the master looks exactly like his minions it’s a lot harder to pick out.


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