The Dallas Top Ten

Where have I been and what have I been up to? I wanted to take some time and get a little personal and give you the 411 on my life in Dallas so far. If you are new to my blog or blissfully living under a rock, about 2 months ago I moved from Connecticut to Texas. And it’s worth mentioning I’m not one of those people who constantly moves from coast to coast every couple of years. Life in Dallas is new and exciting. I won’t bore you with every little detail…but here are the highlights. The Dallas Top Ten:

1. A few people warned me that Dallas was bitchy. I’ve found quit the opposite to be true. Everyone has been very friendly and welcoming.

2. A shout out needs to go to Brendan (aka Bubbles) who has been a great friend by introducing me around town to a lot of people. I can tell the whole town really loves him. Big hugs to Bubbles! The best of Brenden: “She named her pussy Rihanna because she likes to get it beat up!”

3. I met my first Gay Gasp reader who was not a friend from Facebook. Hey Jay! (It should be mentioned that we’ve since become FB friends) Also, his partner Stephen has the greatest French accent.

4. I have a crush a boy. Believe me when I tell you I’m not known for having a successful love life. Sex has always come easy but romance not so much. We were introduced very briefly at TBRU this year and re-met at the local cowboy bar in town once I moved. I won’t bore you with the mushy details except to say that he makes me smile in every possible way. He plays sports and has a not-so-secret love for show tunes. To say he’s hot is an understatement and he looks shockingly cute in every picture ever taken of him. Seriously!?! You are so photogenic ;-D

5. One of the things I love about Dallas is that the bars are filled when I go out on the weekends. Even on Show Tune Tuesday at Woody’s there was a decent crowd. Dallas readers won’t understand what I’m talking about. But my Connecticut crew knows that if you go to Frank’s Place in New London on a Saturday, you’ll be drinking with a ragged drag queen and a spunky lesbian.

6. Work, work work work work. I really like my new job. No more talking to customers all day long. No more talking to customers ever. Mostly my job consists of a lot of clerical and computer work. Thumbs up!

7. Having nothing to do with anything: I realized an odd fact the other day. When I drove here from Connecticut I passed over the Mississippi River and missed it. When I say I missed it I mean I didn’t realize it at the time. I would have totally stopped and taken a picture. (Instagram!) How could I have missed it?

8. Dallas gives off a great first impression. I’m consistently surprised by how polite and friendly everyone is to one another. Like everywhere Texas has different clicks, but none of the them hate each other. Or if there is hatred, it’s kept quiet and covered in a polite Hello. When I first got here there where only a couple people I knew. From what I knew of them I didn’t think they would get along very well. Much to my surprise the general reaction was, “Oh yeah I know him, he’s a great guy.” I’ve been told that my newness has a lot to do with it. Everyone assures me that this is a false impression and the cracks will begin to show. I’m not so sure though… I suspect what they consider bitchy and hatefully is a warm conversation between friends in New England. How many times have I been at Tommys when there is open hostility in the room. I mean who can forget Stamford Steve’s famous tirade to Fruitloop? (if you weren’t there it went something like this: “I can’t stand you, and for the next hour I’m going to list all the reason’s why.”)

9. I really miss all my friends in Connecticut although I don’t miss Connecticut the state yet. I love the place I’m in but I want the old crew. My dream come true would be if everyone from CT decided to move to Dallas!!!! So all you Connecticut readers… start looking for jobs and apartments now. Ha! In reality, what I see happening is that if I stay in Dallas I’ll just fly home a lot for quick visits. In a related note I signed up for United Airlines’ frequent flier program.

10. Minor Dallas Observations: They still use styrofoam, recycling hasn’t caught on, I can’t find Margarine in a tub, pool parties are a way of life here, every tv show is on an hour earlier, and there are dozens of other fast food choices (Chick-fil-a, Church’s, Jack n the Box, In and Out Burger, Whataburger etc)

*A side note on the photo: It has nothing to do with anything. I’ve had it saved more over a year hoping to work it into a post and I’ve never been able to. Just enjoy it in all it’s randomness.

One thought on “The Dallas Top Ten

  1. I wish I had been there for #8. Not necessarily because it was Fruitloop, but because I imagine Stamford Steve going off anybody would be amazing.


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