In the News

Polo Ralph Lauren has designed the Olympic opening ceremony outfits for the past several years. However the designer is coming under fire when it was discovered that this year’s designs were manufactured in China. That’s a PR mess. Lauren released a statement promising that next year all Olympic clothing with be American made. The other problems is that the outfits are slightly ridiculous looking. I wonder if Polo’s inspiration was a 1940’s European Homosexual?
Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler are leaving American Idol. *Yawn* The rumored replacements are Miley Cyrus, Mariah Carey, and Adam Lambert. Mariah would be great and bring up bat-shit crazy, Miley is an idiot who talks like a man, and Adam… he didn’t even win his season?!?!
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have reached a divorce settlement after only 11 days. That’s shockingly quick for anyone much less a huge Hollywood star. The quick agreement proves two points: 1. Katie must have some GOOD SHIT on Tom. It’s probably crazier then anything we can think of!!  Like Michael Jackson level crazy. 2. Tom Cruise is smart. He knows that Katie could open the flood gates so he did the smart thing made it go away quickly and quietly. Lesson: When you have secrets, throw buckets of cash at it to make it go away.
Sylvester Stallone’s son was found dead of a drug overdose. No commentary on this one, just forwarding the information.
Scientists have finally seen promising results with a HIV/AIDS vaccine that could be available as early as 2019. I can’t and won’t try go into detail, so for more information visit Yahoo News: AIDS Vaccine Within Reach.
I still HATE It feels like I’m shopping at a flea market.

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