Turn Off- Bad Attitudes

I did some digging to bring example of what not to put in your Growlr profile. However, I’m happy to report that it was hard finding examples of bad profiles. It wasn’t impossible but it was hard. For the most part, most guys choose to leave their profile’s pretty blank and I totally support that. It’s better to say nothing then say something stupid. During my investigation I decided to include a couple a good profiles to show how easy it can be to put your best foot forward. So enjoy some good, some bad, and some stupid profiles.
BAD: Be careful with loading up with all
negatives.Starting out with Turn offs can
be a turn off.
BAD: This is very taste specific. One in a
hundred guys may find it charming. The rest
will roll their eyes and move on.
GOOD: This is a great example of say what
you like instead of being negative. ‘I like big
boys’ is better then ‘No twinks.’
BAD: This one speak for itself. Is there
any question who the bitchy douche is?
GOOD: Short yet descriptive. He gets extra
points for being upfront with his relationship
BAD: If your going to be offensive at
least spell it correctly. Really dude?
GOOD: Short and simple. If you don’t have
much to say don’t force it.
BAD: The text of this profile is ok. It lands
on the bad list because the full length is 2
screens long. Stop typing!

A couple general tips:
– Bad attitudes aren’t a turn on to anyone, you do not need to specify that it’s a turn off.
– You’re going to get messages from people you’re not attracted to. Deal with it. You can fill your profile with all the Do’s and Don’ts but the creepers with still sneak through.

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