Summer Olympic Preview

The summer Olympics are about a month away and to help you get into the winning spirit I did extensive research to find some of the sexiest athletes appearing in London this year. Unfortunately most summer athletes are runners, gymnasts, and swimmers who all have the classic slimmed/toned build. As you can imagine slim and toned is not usually my type so I had to dig deep to find the bears. I’ll be honest and tell you there isn’t much to chose from as far as eye candy goes. (thank god for Christian Cantwell) But here is a little preview…

              Mindaugus Mizgaitis
              Lithuania (Wrestling)
              6′ 3″ 278lbs

           Dylan Armstrong
                  (Shot Put) Canada
                  6′ 4″ 251 lbs


Drum Roll Please…

I give you America’s own Christian Cantwell!

Christian Caldwell
(Shot Put) USA
6′ 5″ 300lbs

For other Olympic geeks:
the 2014 games will be in Sochi, 2016 in Rio, and 2018 in PyeongChang. 2020 won’t be decided until September of 2013 but in the running is Rome, Madrid, Tokyo, Istanbul, Doha-Qatar, and Baku-Azerbaijan. (FYI Doha and Baku are both in the Middle East)


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