The Basics

Age: 30

Current Location: Dallas, TX

Born: Yale-New Have Hospital, New Haven CT.

Profession: Operations Specialist

Marital Status: Single

My favorite meal: Chicken and pasta

Turn off: Insecurity

Turn on: A man who’s confident, outgoing, and shorter then me.

Most of art work in my apartment was done or given to me by my friend Dan.

Living or Dead- 3 People I would invite to Dinner:

Song that makes cry: Glitter is the Air

Save or Spender? Spender

Major fear: Roller Coasters

Top 3 Favorite songs: It’s Not Right (But It’s Ok) Remix- Thunderpuss/Whitney Houston, Push It- Salt-n-Pepa, Bad Romance- Lady Gaga

Life Lessons: Don’t quote song lyrics in an online profile. You’re using someone else’s words and creativity to express who you are.

I tend to be to honest in many situations. My family calls it “truth bombs.” If you’re looking for real world practical advice, I’m your man.

I’ve known 7 close friends or family who’ve had cancer. I am happy to report they are all alive and healthy.

Items still on my bucket list: Going to a titty bar

Least favorite holiday: New Years Eve. (Ugh… I hate it)

Little known facts:

-When I was young I went through many hours of testing finally to come to the conclusion that I had strong learning disabilities. (dyslexia etc)

-Of my 4 grandparents, two died before I was born and remaining two died when I was 8 and 9 years old. My father’s mother (who died when I was 9) had approx 8 heart attached that year.


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