Dazed and Confused

The idea for this post has been kicking around in my head for a while but I couldn’t shape it into a meaningful article until now. It all started on Facebook. (of course) I thought I had someone generally figured out. Not in a bad way, but all my interactions with him had painted a pictures and I filled in the gaps with assumptions. I was surprised when a minor Facebook prank caused such a strong reaction from him He got angry and took the whole incident personally. It seemed so out of character for his laid back demeanor. I was not involved in the situation so there was no harm done, but it stuck out as an interesting observation. How can someone be so uptight in certain aspect of their life yet so relaxed in others? You may also know someone who is overall very predictable but has one or two issues that causes them to turn on a dime. This is the kind of person that does well on reality tv. I can’t help but think of the Real Housewives where an average woman can go from polite dinner conversation to flipping a table in 5.3 seconds. 

I started this off by saying the idea for the post had been in my head for a while. That’s true, the Facebook incident in question happened a while ago but I had decided not to post anything because I had no interesting observations or new ideas to lend to the subject. That was until I moved to Dallas. I’ve been meeting a lot new people and getting to know all the difference clicks within the city. In fact I was invited to a pool party thanks to a referral from a good friend. Everyone was very welcoming and pleasant but I was surprised but the excessive pot smoking going on. There were as many bongs as there were beer bottles. I’m not passing any judgement, it’s just not what I expected. I politely decline the pot and otherwise had a fun and sunny afternoon. While driving home I laughed to myself, “Why couldn’t they all just get naked and frisky like Connecticut pool parties.” That’s when it hit me like a bolt of lightning. I realized I’m just like that guy on Facebook. I’m the one who’s opinions aren’t consistent. I’m very comfortable having sex with a friend in front of other people and by most social standards I’m a slut. Yet I have very limited experience with drugs and alcohol. An outsider might assume someone so open toward sex would be as open to many other things too. Not the case. Those of you who know me won’t find this strange, but when you look at from an outsiders perspective it could be seen as quirky. When people meet me I wonder if they ask themselves, “He’ll get naked at the drop of a hat and suck your dick in the middle of the living room yet he won’t smoke a bowl… How strange?”
I realized I had much more in common with that FB friend then I thought. I now understand his point of view a little bit better. I may not agree with it but I understand. I’m probably just as bad when put in certain situations.


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