Songs of Summer

Songs of Summer:

Carly Rae Jepsen may have the official summer hit with Call Me Maybe. But my summer song obsession is Where Have You Been by Rihanna. Ermahgerd! She may be a trashy mess who’s dating her former abusive boyfriend, but girl can crank out some good songs. Watch the video, and then we’ll discuss it further.

Ok now that you’ve watched the video, is it me or does this video have the worst choreography on earth!?! The first part where she’s dancing in those pink harem pants… Atrocious! The song is actually much better without the visual of the video.

Other good songs for your summer play list:

Madonna: Girls Gone Wild

Ellie Goulding: Lights

David Guetta & Sia: Titanium

Flo Rida & Sia: Wild Ones

Dance Again: Jennifer Lopez ft Pit Bull


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