Hump Day

It’s time to take a break from Dallas and moving and mention some of the other thing going on in the world. (or at least in my mind)

Dot Lock: If your gay and we’re friends then there’s no doubt you have at least one cock pic on your iPhone. If we’re good friends, you probably have a lot of them. Naked pictures on your phone are a wonderful thing until you mother says “Can I see your phone for a second?” Then as she carelessly presses one button after another you pray to god she doesn’t tap the photo app. Now there is a solution! Dot Lock is an app for your phone that protects your porn with a passcode. Simply add whatever photos you want protected and only someone with your code and unlock them. (I have no idea if it’s available for Droid)

Blurb Book: This is a wonderful gift idea. has created a very easy to use website where you can create a personalized book for someone special. Pics from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can easily be uploaded to commemorate memorable moments. There are many different options and ways to customize the book to make the perfect. I spent over 4 hours creating one for Punk’s 50th Birthday and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the result. A suggestion: the book starts out with about 20 pages but you can add as many pages as need. A hard cover book with only 20 pages isn’t very substantial. (think of a children’s book) Just keep that in mind as your putting it together.

Whoopi: Last night I went out to a local bar (my first time as a local) and it was show tunes night. Picture a room full of bears singing along to videos from West Side Story and Chicago. A song from Sister Act came on the screen and I remembered what a good movie that was. It deserves a re-watch!

Sex Dreams: My good friend Ollie wanted a shout out because I had a dream last night that I was sucking his dick. Although I’m sure he would rather have a real blowjob over a shout out. Thank you Ollie for the picture.(and no that’s not me in case you were wondering)

Out of the Blue: Last night I got a message on Growlr from my former Nemesis. There is no longer any bad blood between us after I apologized for my poor behavior. He’s been busy with work and a new boyfriend which caused him drop out of site for more then a year. It was such a nice conversation.

Toilets: Have you ever gone into a public restroom where the toilets are bolted to the wall and hover over the floor? I’m always terrified that when I sit down they’re going to crash to the floor.

Bitch is in India?!?!: I must close giving a super across the globe shout out to my friend Randy. Work sent him to India for 6 months. I can’t begin to tell you how much credit I give him for going. If it had been me, I would have quit the second they gave me the offer. I would die of starvation in India. Seriously. Good for you Randy! You’ve got more courage then I do.


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