Are you excited?

When I tell people I’m moving, the question I get asked most is “So are you excited?” I realized early that any other answer other then a ‘yes’ is not a satisfactory. When I explain that I’ve been so busy and haven’t had time to get excited I can see the disappointment on their faces. It’s the truth though. Deep down I really am looking forward to moving and starting fresh. I expect time to go by very quickly as it will take me several months to really feel settled in. Once I’m there it will be great having a grocery store and gayborhood all within walking distance. Plus my apartment complex has two pools and a free gym. Those two swimming pools are going to come in handy because everyone keeps warning me about the heat. Yes it’ll be tough but waking up almost every morning to sunshine is priceless and come winter time I’ll be laughing it up in short sleeves as the northeast gets hit with another blizzard.

When I accepted the position in Texas it was like a countdown clock started. Six weeks to get my New England life wrapped up and moved to the Lone Star state. Now with my departure date only one week away my head is filled with a very long To-Do list of setting up delivery dates, changing addresses, sorting through possessions and saying goodbye to my friends and family. Everything in my brain is organized around three dates:

Wednesday 5/30/12- I leave Connecticut and start driving to Dallas

Monday 6/4/12- My first day at my new office in Richardson

Friday 6/8/12- I can move into my new apartment.

Between now and next Wednesday is going to be the busiest. I’m working in the office today because I have to return my computer and work station equipment now that I won’t be working from home. Once work is over I’m heading directly up to Albany NY for one last Bear Albany weekend. It’s going to be my last big party! Monday consists of a small Memorial Day cook out at my parents’ house and Tuesday is the BIG packing day because I leave bright and early Wednesday morning.

Once I start driving it should take me about 30 hours according to Google. I have two stops planned, first in Charleston , WV and second in Memphis , TN. I thought about playing it by ear and stopping when I felt the need but I decided against it. I wanted to have a specific destination for each day so I would know how many miles or hours I had left rather then thinking “Oh I have 26 hours and 5 states left to go before Dallas .” This way the trip gets broken up into 10 hour chunks. Also, although it’s unlikely, hotels could be all sold out by the time I get there.


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