Kathy Griffin Is A Thief

I’ve talked about the reasons I started my blog before, but never where the name came from. When I start blogging I wanted the name to be Plan B, but unfortunately/fortunately the name was already taken. When I settled on the Gay Gasp, the term came from a Kathy Griffin joke. In her special Allegedly she talked about going to Afghanistan and eating in the mess hall. (It’s about a minute and 15 seconds into the clip below) In a far away foreign country surrounded by the butchest of butch she still found her gay army fan. Amongst the hundreds of soldiers she heard the gay gasp, or as she refers to it as the gay inhale.
I’ll always credit Ms. Griffin for inspiring the title and she may even be a secret Gay Gasp reader. If you doubt me I’ll give you some evidence. She inspired me for the title but did I inspire her for the logo of her new Bravo talk show? Her new talk show premiered about 3 weeks ago with a logo that is strangely similar to my infamous childhood ‘diva’ pose. I’m not saying she stole it from me or that my pose has more flair… but the truth is the truth. See for yourself:

Obviously this is all in good fun. I wish Kathy well on her new show and maybe she’ll stumble upon my little corner of the internet and become a fan.


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