I Hate You

I’m taking a break for my moving hysteria to focus on one of my passions. Hating meaningless celebrities. My friends always laugh when I have very strong opinions about trivial matters. It’s true, I can get very passionate about a cupcake topping or a parking garage. Yet politics and thing that matter generally don’t interest me. Voting for the city councilmen or the latest tax referendum…yawn. The most common targets of my trivial hatred are celebrities. A good example is Meg Ryan. I can’t pin point it, but for some reason she’s gotten on my nerves for years. I was elated years back when she cheated on her then husband Dennis Quad because it finally gave me a legitimate reason to hate her. *Side Bar: If I was presented with the opportunity to fuck Russell Crowe, I would have done the same damn thing.* But I still hate her.  In more recent years my hatred of Meg has died down to almost nothing. She’s done enough to ruin her face and career on her own without needing my voodoo dolls. It seems like a waste to hate someone so pathetic. I rather focus my energies on more important assholes like Billy Bush. Billy Bush (of Access Hollywood) is such a douche! He should team up with Nicolas Cage and go on a promotional tour for Summer’s Eve. I really can’t verbalize why… but I can’t stand them.

On the flip side, there are celebrities who I adore: Wendy Williams, Joan Rivers and Alec Baldwin.

2 thoughts on “I Hate You

  1. Sorry to disappoint you but it was in fact Quaid who cheated on her for many years before she kicked him out and had a relationship with Crowe. No one can blame her for that. Don't get why you would hate someone for having her revenge on a raging cheating husband.


  2. Thank You. You actually made my point for me. The whole point of the article is that I don't have a legitimate reason for hating her. It's all based on nothing. That's the point.


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