Lead Change

I’m moving! This began back in March when I posted for an internal promotion. The day I returned home from TBRU, I had a job interview in Hartford for a Claims Specialist position. (I work in insurance) The interview seemed to go well but they hired someone else with more experience. I was disappointed but I thought this may be a good time to consider looking for jobs outside of Connecticut. One problem about insurance in Connecticut is that there are a lot of insurance companies, a lot of insurance professionals and therefore a lot of competition for jobs. My original plan was to move to the other call center in Houston. I’d be able to keep my current job and just move locations. It was the easiest option but I wasn’t jazzed about Houston. I decided to also search for jobs in Dallas, Atlanta, and Boston. I also started the ball rolling at work when I asked my boss what the process was for transferring to another call center. That was probably the biggest step I took in the whole process. Once I asked her about moving things seemed to fall into place quickly. She gave me the good advice to email the hiring manager in Hartford and see if she could put in a good word for me in one of the other claim offices. I sent her that email last Friday 4/13/12 and exactly one week later I had a job offer in Dallas. I was stunned by how quickly everything happened. I started the process now because I assumed it would take months and months for everything to fall into place. I feel bad because I didn’t give people much notice. Honestly I never thought it would happen this fast.
There are two major reasons why I’m moving. The first reason is simple: Winter. I hate winter, I hate snow, I hate it! I’ve lived in New England all my life and have never developed a love for the white stuff. That’s why when I started to look at new cities I wanted to focus my search on a warmer climate. The second reason takes a bit more explaining… I’m sick of Connecticut! Like I said I’ve lived in CT my whole life and I feel like I can officially check it off my list. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Every weekend is that same mundane bar with the same people. Although it was fun once, it’s gotten tired and routine. Everyone always complains about the bar, the people, the service yet they continue to come back because they have no other place to go. I hate the lack of options in Connecticut. One of my favorite quotes is from Albert Einstein, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” That pretty much sums it up. I’m not happy with my current situation and that’s why I’m changing things up. It’s a way to change my environment and exfoliate some of my bullshit problems.
Finally, I’ve made many wonderful friends here and moving won’t change that. If we are friends living a hour away, we’ll still be friend living a 4 hour plane ride away. Facebook has made everything virtual and we can keep in touch like I was just down the road. Plus now you have a reason to come visit and go underwear shopping!

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