Joe: A User’s Guide

When I was a Store Manager at Oakley they gave me personality assessment from Insight Discovery program (based on the work of Carl Jung). What was great about the evaluation was that I received a booklet outlining all my strengths and opportunities. A user’s guide to me. I dug out the booklet last night and thought I’d share some of the findings with you. *Just a note, All of the below comes from the evaluation and note my own opinion.
Overview and Personal Style: ‘The Supporter’
Joe is a well of warmth and support, but may be very reserved until he has broken the ice. One of his strengths is an ability to let others work at their own pace coupled with awareness of the unique contribution each person makes. Normally a flexible and open minded person, he may dig in his heels to defend something he believes in and that is being threatened. He may benefit from taking a step back to consider the cause and effect of his actions, and practice becoming more tough minded. Making a list and prioritizing goals each day can help him overcome his casual approach to life.
Joe’s easy going exterior may mask a rather more compulsive interior. His modest manner can restrain him from pushing himself forward and this occasionally results in him being under-valued. Loving and unselfconscious, he may lack a clear sense of his own identity and self worth.
Joe tends to be alert and often uncannily correct. It’s as if he has an antenna that enables him to detect dangers long before other people do. As he values his integrity, he can be determined to the point of being stubborn about issues that are important to him.
Joe tends to value others but may adopt a romantic idealized version of people and their potential. He finds it difficult to take a fixed position on issues that are not important to him. As a result, he may be seen by others as lacking conviction. He is an excellent ‘sounding board’ for others who are seeking to explore their own ideas. Although reserved on the outside, he cares deeply on the inside. Joe has a strong sense of duty and faithfulness, but little desire to impress or influence others. Above all, he is idealistic and capable of great devotion and loyalty to a valued person or cause.

-Strong sense of personal value
-Solid organizational abilities
-Relaxed about what others may think of him
-Can ‘go with the flow’ particularly where people are concerned.
-Happy to serve and help others
-Quiet and conscientious
-Can facilitate resolution of interpersonal conflict between others

-Idealizes others
-Will prefer to be reserved and distant until he gets to know someone well
-May lack objectivity, particularly where rapid change is concerned
-May get frustrated with other peoples ‘ways’
-May find it difficult to impose his will on others
-Finds it difficult to respond to aggression positively
-May be slow to express his thoughts or feelings

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