I’m a huge supporter of therapy. At some point in life, everyone has enough issues to fill up at least one hour. It’s a great way to work through your problems with an unbiased outside source. I was having dinner with a friend  and we got on the topic when he mentioned he went to see someone recently. He said he liked her because she was a lesbian who understood some of his particular challenges. I’ve recently thought about going in for a couple sessions to work through some bitterness I’m having trouble letting go of. It’s nothing too serious but it would take a therapist a couple of hours to solve as apposed to several months and years of me doing it on my own. The problem is that everything is contingent on finding the perfect therapist. I’m hesitant to talk to a professional about it all because I don’t know if he/she will understand the unique situation and culture that I live in. Simply stated: I need a gay therapist. Don’t get me wrong I’m not embarrassed about gay bear culture, I just want someone who’s already updated on the subject so I don’t have to waste a whole session giving background information. I picture going into see a heterosexual woman and trying to explain the concept of open relationships and having casual sex on the side. Remember the last time you had to explain bear runs, chubs and triads to the middle aged mom who sits next to you at work? Yeah… just like that. Maybe I’m not giving my fictitious straight therapist enough credit, but I just get the feeling that she’d make assumptions that had nothing to do with my feelings. Has anyone else come across this problem or am I worrying to much about it? If a therapist is good they should be able to see through all the social bull shit and get to the heart of the matter regardless. Right?


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