Spit Roasted and Mr. X

Sex. The best sex you’ve ever had to be more specific. While I was in Dallas for TBRU I met a guy and had great sex with him. It stood out because it was much better then I had expected. It wasn’t THE BEST, but still memorable. It also got me thinking about the best sex I’ve ever had and who it was with and why. As I starting asking around, people were getting confused so I’ll try and be as clear as possible. First think of the person with whom you’ve had the overall best sex with in general terms. You’d probably consider him your favorite sex partner and for our purposed I’ll call him Mr. X. My Mr. X is a friend who is extremely sexy physically and also has the type of personality that turns me on. He just knows how to get me going. There is no one specific time that stands out but he is by far the #1 person I jerk off thinking about. Your Mr. X may be a current boyfriend or a former roommate. When I was asking around for some informal research, one of the questions I left out was if your Mr. X is your current partner. Although the answers would be interesting, I didn’t want to cause any fights.

Now that you’ve thought of your Mr. X put his name off to the side.
Now think of the specific best sex you’ve ever had. It may be a random hook up with a stranger or a long awaited rendezvous on your honeymoon. Personally, the best sex I’ve ever had involved a random online hook up and it was a threesomes. The best way to describe it would be to use the term Spit Roasted. It’s the slang term for getting fucked while sucking someones cock. It drove me so crazy that I unexpectedly came with and physical contact with my cock. It was the first time it happened and I though I was going to piss the bed until then I realized I was cumming. It was a bit surreal. Again for the purposes of clarity I’ll refer to this sex as Situation Y.
With that said, this is where my curiosity came in. While I was being spit roasted, Mr. X was not involved. When you look back at your Mr. X, was he involved in your Situation Y?
Like I said, I did a little nonscientific research at TBRU and asked a room full of friends. It seems most of the people I asked had a similar story to mine. The person with whom they like having sex with the most (Mr. X) was not involved in the specific best time (Situation Y). I also discovered most of the ‘best time’ stories had some aspect of the being so unexpectedly good that it only added to the excitement. ‘I didn’t know my upstairs neighbor was gay much less a pig bottom.’ They also had a similar thread in that the person(s) involved fulfilled some sort of fetish or sexual preference. In my situation the guys had beefy bodies and a big juicy ass which only added to the pure satisfaction.
I found it interesting that most people (myself included) did not have the best sex of their life with the person they like having sex with the most. It stands to reason that emotional connection comes into play when you get specific people involved and the best situation was pure lust. What’s your story? Did your Mr. X also give you the best sex of your life or was it a random gentleman who blew your mind? (literally)



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