Vacation Diary


I’m back from vacation and ready to jump back on the blog band wagon. The first stop on my journey was Naples Florida to visit my parents. They first went down to Florida several years ago for a week’s vacation. They fell in love with Naples and since then they have extended their stay each time. Now they are up to two months each year. I like going because it’s a very relaxing visit and a nice chance to spend some QT with mom and dad. Most of our day was spent at the beach although I’m sad to report that there was a major lack of eye candy. The one thing you should know about Naples is that it’s old person paradise. Trying to find someone under 65 is a scavenger hunt. Every so often I’d see a hot piece of man cake walk by in the sand who was obviously also visiting his parents. It’s true, at times I felt like I was Jerry Seinfeld visiting Del Boca Vista. At night the AC was set at a chilly 78 degrees as I slept in rock hard twin bed. It was a great way to relax before heading to Dallas for Texas size fun.


Every year on St. Patrick’s Day weekend Dallas hosts Texas Bear Round Up. I first went 5 years ago and vowed to go back. Not only did I go back, but I’ve brought more and more friends with me. This year a got there a day early which proved to be a wonderful decision. My goal for going a day early was to get some rest. As relaxing as Naples can be, I always sleep poorly due to the heat and awful bed. So when I arrived in Dallas my plan was to relax, shower, and go to bed early. I’m happy to report that I was in bed and asleep before 11:00 pm. Once Thursday rolled in all my friend started arriving. This year my roommate was my dear friend Justin. I knew if I got him down to Texas all the bears would eat him up like pudding. I had my traditional TBRU dinner at Uncle Julio’s which wouldn’t be complete without the Cajeta. [Vanilla ice cream with toasted coconut and pecans. Topped with our home-made caramel sauce and whipped cream] After dinner we headed back to the Hospitality suite where drinks flowed for free and the bears became shirtless. Also that night was the first of many pool parties. I always hit the pool parties even though critics point to the murky gray water as causing a human style Kennel Cough to all those who enter.

Big D Bear Dance

There are two parties I love the most at TBRU. First is the Friday night Big D Bear Dance held at S4. S4 is a huge two story nightclub that packs in the curvy cuties and pumps out loud dance beats. This is where I found the love of my life. Yes ladies and gentlemen I can say for the first time ever: I AM IN LOVE! Who is he? His name is the Apple Pie Shot. It was the best shot I’ve ever had and you can fall in love too. It’s as simple as Apple Shnapps, Goldschlager, and Pineapple Juice. Absolute perfection! (and it smells just like apple cider)

Mr. Joe ‘Bunny’ Parker

The other top party, which is one of my favorite events of the weekend, is Sunday Church at the Hidden Door. It’s a fun and relaxed atmosphere made all the better by the one and only Mr. Joe Parker. The first time I went to the Hidden Door was on Easter weekend and Mr. Parker got the idea to put on a pair of bunny ears and dance for everyone to see. To say that he’s hot is an understatement. With his ginger beard and perfect body I spent the whole afternoon drooling. I was more then happy to see that he has made it a yearly tradition. This year was no different and he was in all his bunny glory. (and just as sexy as every)

The rest of the weekend was spent underwear shopping at Skivvies, brunch at Black Eyed Peas’s, and and more free drinks in the hospitality suite. I love TBRU because it’s the most organized event I’ve ever seen and it’s full of hot tasty men. This year they set a record with over 1700 men registering. The final gift from the TBRU gods was an entire row to myself on the plane ride home. A perfect end to a perfect weekend.

Brunch at Black Eyed Peas

A special thanks goes out to my friend and roomie Justin. Traveling with friends can always be tricky but we made a great team. He also gave me the best advise I’ve gotten in a very long time. I always tend to be a love pessimist but he got me to change my outlook and take a chance on the guy who I’ve been crushing on. Justin has an amazing insight into feelings and relationships that comes from a very centered and caring place. I joked with him that if I’m his fashion guru, he’s my dating guru.

It’s sad that TBRU is over, but I look forward to another year of booze, bears, and bunnies.


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