Oscars 2012

The best moments of the 2012 Oscars:
Billy Crystal was a total bore and proved that he is old and out of touch. He wasn’t horrible but he wasn’t good either. Luckily the presenters carried the show for him. My suggestion for a host next year: Tina Fey or Amy Poehler.

*Fun Fact: this year’s show brought an average of 34 million viewers as opposed to last year’s 1.5 million viewers.

I genuinely laughed out loud during Emma Stone’s Oscar presentation. I ADORE her. Thank god she was so hilarious because that made up for her [mistaken?] knock off of Nicki Kidman’s 2007 Balenciaga gown.

Angelina Jolie brought her big bag of crazy to the Oscars this year! As she presented Best Screenplay, she posed like she was Tyra on Top Model. I LOVED IT! Ms. Crazy showed up in a velvet comforter and stuck that leg out like she was telling the whole world “I’m Fucking Angelina Joli and I can do whatever the hell I want!” Boom.

Angie presented the award and the winner Jim Rash geniusly struck that pose with Jolie only steps away. Rock On!

I couldn’t be happier that Meryl Streep won Best Actress. Although… I kinda wish she got up on stage and just said “I’m Meryl Fucking Streep Bitch” and walked off.

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